Friday, March 30, 2007

Thet Dang Phone!

Sometimes I just hate early mornings, today was no exception. I had just started out with the usual COPD routine when the phone rang. The call was from my oxygen supplier with some information. All of a sudden there was static on the line and then nothing! The line went completely dead. To say I was somewhat ticked off wouldn't really cover it, for this was the second time we've had a breakdown with the phone lines in two weeks!.

I was thinking thank goodness that the internet connection is still intact, for we still didn't have a cell phone. I have always had this thing about cell phones and all the surrounding controversies associated with them. I figure it is unsafe for people to be driving around with one hand on the wheel and that thing growing out of their ear! I refuse to accept that people can concentrate on safe driving, whilst talking on a phone. More so if they were into some heavy discussion or argument with somebody!

Since I have developed this COPD and my health has gone down somewhat, I have had to rethink my attitude to the cell phone. Commonsense now dictates that we need one in case of any emergency, especially with my health situation.

I got on the computer and hammered out an email to the phone company asking for help, seeing as this was the only form of communication we had now. I explained the situation and the seriousness of my position with my health, plus the fact I was disabled and a senior at that. An hour later I got one of those Robotic replies telling me someone would contact me in 2-4 days time!! That's when I really exploded!

You don't really want to hear my profanity laced description of those Blah blah numbskull's, and a company that obviously just employed idiots!! It took two more ranting emails before I finally got someone who actually breathed real air, to respond to us. In the meantime I had seen a friend who lent us his moblie phone to use till we got things sorted out. After talking to the phone company guy, I was left with the thinking, that I had been far better off with the robot!

All he did was come up with all kinds of company bureaucratic BS, meanwhile I personally levitated three feet off the ground Grrrrrrrrr!!
To say I ate him alive would have been very much within my realm of possibility. Here I was trying to explain the urgency of the situation, all he could do was go into a sales pitch. I was livid, for no matter what I said, he stuck with his Robotic company chatter about selling me more phones and services. I swore at him and told him in no uncertain manner that they couldn't even service the phone I already had!! I hung up the phone in disgust.

Early next morning there came a knock at the door, and there stood the most cheerful faced guy one could wish to meet! It was the telephone repairman! After going over what had happened at this end of the wire, he went to work. I guess by now and after a few hours sleep, you could say I had mellowed out and my feet were no longer defying gravity.

Of course when the guy came back indoors to finalize everything, I was chattering his ear off about what had happened. All the time he had this happy smile on his face, you couldn't help but melt and forget the upset. Then he said that he would just make one last test to make sure everything worked now. He dialed our number and then said the strangest thing! As the phone started to ring once more he said.

“Isn't that the sweetest sound!?” After what we had endured, I guess it really was!

We have since bought ourselves a cell phone! Using a different phone service for that this time!!



Margie said...

Glad it all worked out ok in the end....I can imagine how very annoying it must have been though!

I guess have your phone ring once again was a sweet sound!

Take care, Eric.

Singing Stream said...

Isn't that sumthin' Eric? I enjoyed the read though!

Do ya have an energenic sounding song for a ring on yer cell phone? ;^D

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for dropping by Margie, believe me, I was not amused! Hope you are enjoying your break. :)

Hi SS, it's amazing what can happen and still make up a story! I was out of energy by the time it was all over! LOL (don't lose your P/word!!) :)

April 1, 2007 7:36 PM

Lin Neiswender said...

I can just imagine you levitating off the ground! Glad they got you back on the line, and welcome to the wonderful world of cell phones where calls drop for no reason at all!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for visiting Lin, yes it was a trying time. :)

The Patient Connection said...


We are running a research blog on COPD

It would be great if anyone felt like dropping by and adding their thoughts and ideas

best wishes


Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for the visit, connection

Augs Casa said...

Don't get me started on the whole phone fiasco. I own a cell phone but very rarely use it. We get 500 minutes a month for my wife and I to share for a month. We hardly use a quarter of them. Thus giving us somehing called rollover minutes which have accumalated so vast the cell company is now taking them away from us because we can not use them in a years time. Go figure.

Be well

Eric Valentine said...

augs! thanks for this visit. Having that happen to you, is enough to put you in the same frame of mind I ended up in, with the phone company. I have heard of the rollover things with the mins before.
Basically we got the phone mainly for any emergency, but we will watch the minute thing, thanks for the heads up.