Monday, April 16, 2007

As Time Goes By

Have you ever had one or two of those days when everything is absolutely dead? I guess most people have at one time or another. This weekend has been one of those times.

Yesterday once again the weather was not the greatest, another sprinkle of snow had fallen, so much for the ground hog! It’s been eight weeks already since that pesky critter went into hiding! Grrrrrrrr. Back to yesterday, being the day it was nobody really felt like going anywhere. So at first we said, that just to get out of the house we can go local for milk and a dozen eggs.

By the time I had got myself ready though, the sun had come out and things looked decidedly better. We decided then, I really didn’t want to sit in all day so off we went for a nice drive.

That was when we ended up at the wife’s favorite ‘humungous’ grocery store! Even so; we went into the store for a look around, saying we didn’t really need anything except the exercise. Well an hour later and being somewhat lighter in the cookie jar we got out of there! This is what we ended up with:

3lb carrots
Garlic 5 pack
Romaine lettuce
3lb onions
Small Rutabaga (unbelievable @ $1.79)
Croutons (3 boxes)
Brown Sugar (for muffins)
2lb tomato’s on the vine.
Less salt OXO (2)
Kraft salad dressing (3 cheese ranch)
Windsor Salt
Extra virgin olive oil
Aylmer tomato’s (2)
Apple juice (2)
Raisins (for muffins)
Shredded wheat
Garlic powder
Cheddar cheese (old)
Salsa X-chunk
Whole wheat bread
Veal cutlets

Total = $72.19

Do you see milk and eggs anywhere there? !!

Can you believe we went all over that store and forgot the only two things we went out for!!

We had snow over night again! And this morning Elizabeth woke up full of a cold! Now that, really finishes the weekend off in fine style!!

Poor honey, she’s been wearing her nose out on a case of tissues all day. On top of that, with me having COPD I have to be very careful I don’t go down, it could get serious! That would really be bad news!

~ Come on in May, lets have some summer! ~



Stephanie said...

wow that grocery bill of yours was cheaper. Out our way it would easily have been one hundred dollars and maybe abit more.

It always happens to us Eric going for only two or three items and coming out of the store poorer in the pocketbook and going home minus the orignal shopping list itmes. I smiled when I read your blog.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stephanie,

We never really had a grocery list! LOL

That happens to us though a couple of times a week at least and no meat! :)

I smiled when you read my blog! that makes me happy... :)

Augs Casa said...

Oh mate, I can;t tell you how many times I have gone to the store and had one of those visits. Just to come home and the wife asks where are the products you originally went to the store for? um...doh! I hope the missus feels better. I dislike that it takes a couple of months here in the Midwest for the weather finally to become warm during the spring.

Eric Valentine said...

Glad I'm not the only one with those problems Augs. The missus is making progress but now I have started up with the darn bug!! Grrrrrrrr

Yes that must be a pain about the weather where you are, let's face it summers are too short and winters too long.. Have a good one!


Margie said...

And you forgot the milk and egss!
Lol! I've done that too, Eric!
Lots of good stuff you came home with though.
Hope the weather gets nicer and Elizabeth is feeling better!
Take good care!


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie, nice of you to visit, the weather is supposed to pick up over the next few days. Elizabeth is going through it with the super-bug! Better days ahead we hope. :)


Singing Stream said...

Eric...LOL Happens all the time to me. One time though, my man went to the grocery store for me. On the way he pulled into Tim's for a coffee until he could think of the reason he was out. Once he remembered he was going shopping he picked up and went there to do that. LOL Crazy days!

Feel better sweet Elizabeth, Hugs

Eric Valentine said...

hahaha Singing Stream! That made me chuckle, I don't think I've ever quite forgotten why I was out!! LOL (that's what notes are for!) still chuckling!