Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A slight breeze drifts along the edge of the membranes in your nose and attacks the back of the throat. Another fit of sneezing and coughing ensues. More retching of the mucus from the depths of your insides, taking place once more for what seems like the one millionth time and that in just a matter of the last few hours! The irony of this is the COPD factor, that's why I have to wear a cannula to deliver the much needed oxygen. One can hardly get away from the air intake that triggers so easily all the adverse reactions to the slightest movement of the air.

Finally the small breeze outside moves the clouds along a little. These same clouds that have been obscuring the sun now for the last couple of days. The resulting humidity has wrecked havoc with the sinuses making breathing quite a chore as one struggles with being short of breath. Finally the clouds move further along and the sun eventually reveals itself. The ensuing brightness bounces off the white sides of the house next door. The eyes start to pour torrents and the resulting glare of light once again starts another set of reactions with the membranes driving you crazy with the intolerant searing spasms and once again another round of coughing, sneezing and retching takes place.

Oh the miseries of the flu, day six and no end in sight. But of course this is supposed to be the eleven day flu! The way it’s going, I might just fool it and get it stretched into day twelve! Oh what I’d give for a decent nights sleep!




S J said...

I'm just happy your well enough to blog again.

Take care Eric. Hope you feel better soon!

Eric Valentine said...

Well thank you S J, that's nice of you.
It's always good to be writing and even being under the weather can give me a topic! :))

I think today I turned a corner.

Big (((hugs)))to you from us.


newnorth said...

you have been sick for too long now!

Get better already :)

Eric Valentine said...

Newnorth. Thank you for your encouragement, you are right. This was a very bad strain of flu. :)