Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Tree That Wasn‘t!

My wife is going to kill me one of these days, for most times those happenings invariably involve her or perhaps something that we did! It’s true that we do have a lot of fun with each other, mostly we just hang loose!
Maybe anyone reading this could get the impression that we are a right pair of yahoo’s. When in reality we just take life as it comes, I think that’s why we get along so well.

This has been a somewhat weird but also difficult kind of week! Twice a week I attend a rehab at the local hospital, believe me it isn’t that easy. Fortunately we do get these little ‘happenings’ occasionally that make life worthwhile

Last week we went to the rehab clinic and went through my exercise routines. The fun actually started when we were ready to come home. As the final leg of my days workout, I have to walk to the door of the hospital which is down about a mile long corridor from the gym. Of course when I arrive in the reception area I am SOB (short of breath) for a short while and have to sit and regroup.
My ever faithful honey meanwhile just has to have a nosey around.

Over in the corner there was this sizeable tree? It looked like a tree and was about seven ft tall standing in this nice big urn.
It did look a bit like a weeping willow except it had dark green leaves/fronds that were hanging down like the weeping willow tree.
Elizabeth’s curiosity got the better of her and was aroused by a sign on the urn that said: ‘Please Don’t Water’.

Being a wanna be gardener, she was intrigued by what kind of tree would not need water?! She went over there and started to feel and tug at the drooping leaves? That was when a handful came away in her hand and she yelped! oop’s !! Dropping the evidence into the urn, even though little bits were still hanging from her. She scooted back over to me and tried wiping the green frond clingy bits off on my jacket! I said shoo!! I don’t’ want that stuff on me!!

Looking furtively about her to make sure nobody had witnessed the crime, she said are you ready to go? Grabbing my oxygen, we quickly made a bee-line out of there!!

Of course the Tree was imitation as she certainly found out. That’s my honey!



newnorth said...

I always have to touch the leaves to see if the plant is real or not :)

fake trees are no fun!

Eric Valentine said...

I usually like to smell a plant, then touch. :)

Stephanie said...

I always have the need to touch before I smell. I get suspicious when it is too healthy looking.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stephanie! we're a funny lot aren't we just!! LOL

Marthyan said...

Good to hear loving couples talk :)

Eric Valentine said...

Marthyan, makes the World go round my friend! Good to see you.. :))

Singing Stream said...

Awwwww Poor Elizabeth (((Hugs))) hehehe

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing! Good of you to visit.
I'll give her those hugs!