Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rudolph The Red Nose !!

This last week has not been the greatest for the wife went down with the flu! It really took almost five days for her to get on top of it, but now she seems to have turned the corner. Home made chicken soup really works wonders!
Things weren’t that hunky dory for yours truly either. I really had to try and be especially careful because of my COPD. In addition because of the risk of the germ factor, I had to miss rehab this week too. I dosed myself up with cold FX to try to forestall the now inevitable. Although it’s pretty difficult when you are together in a small apt’ and sleep in the same bed, even though we put distance between ourselves even there!

Well it seems like all those precautions were totally wasted! Today it is my turn and down I came with a bang! I have been trying to catch up to my nose ever since, it runs so fast!

You can imagine that in addition to all the misery that you go through with the flu; I have to have this cannula stuck in my nose to deliver the oxygen that I need. Boy, things can sure get tricky.

A bonus we discovered also from this, the bathroom is not the only place you use toilet paper!! It is softer and easily transported around with you, besides “Royale” make nice ornaments scattered around the apartment!

Ah Well! If all goes well five days to go and I get to miss rehab again. ;((



Webby said...

I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather but the bathroom tissue is a nice touch especially if it's printed with a crossword puzzle. Entertaining and functional

Augs Casa said...

Aw mate, sorry you are feeling bad. I hope it goes away quickly. On the good note, sounds like the missus is getting better. Hang in there mate, this too will pass.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Webby! fancy bumping into you here! Now I am so glad we bought that much TP! LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi there Augs! Yes it is crummy, but at least it gives me something to write about! That is the good thing at least, the wife is getting a bit better now. ;)

Stephanie said...

Get better soon Eric. No fun being sick. At least Elizabeth can take good care of you.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Stephanie, this is one mean one I can tell you. Yes I'm glad that Elizabeth is here to row the boat! :))


((((hugs to you, from both of us))))

Singing Stream said...

{{{{{Eric}}}}} feel better soon my friend..and Elizabeth, I know yer likely tired of chicken soup, but Eric is right, it works. ;^D

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Singing Stream, this is one soup I never tire of! :)))

This bug is such a drag though. :(