Sunday, April 8, 2007


Have you ever had a time when days that are supposed to be okay - Aren’t!

This last couple of days have been those kind. We have now got over the Macdonald glasses incident, though I still get a chuckle thinking of it.

Thursday we started out to go to COPD rehab at the local hospital. As usual Elizabeth takes care of us getting out of here on time. That means that we have everything, ~ most important, the portable oxygen tank is secure, all is in place.

Today we were running a little close to the wire because we had been laughing ourselves silly at a couple of things that went clunk! and bonk! These were items that fell out of the fridge, just as we were ready to leave. Still laughing all the way down the hallway, I make it out to the truck. Then just as we are ready to roll, we suddenly hear this hissing sound! (We glanced around and determined that it wasn’t really a rattlesnake). Quickly detecting that there was something not right with the oxygen tank set up! We find the problem, and after resetting the fitting on the bottle, are soon under way. We often have these moments at our place for Elizabeth (Calamity) can be a little clumsy?! It does provide for so much merriment! Believe me.

As we arrived at the rehab Fred gave us a nod, a smile on his face, hi Fred! I’m thinking he is remembering the glasses thing too! All went well considering at rehab. Except once when she went to use the oximeter on me after a workout. The oximeter measures your pulse and the level of your blood oxygen. I couldn’t understand why I showed a pulse reading of only 30bpm, then we noticed we had the finger clip on my finger upside down! More raucous laughter from the peanut gallery!

Graciously we exit the gym still sniggering, and headed for the cafeteria for lunch. The wife ordering the burger special and I, just some fries and a tea. Shortly, a lady from rehab came and sat by us with the same meal special, asking as she did, “How’s the burger?” Elizabeth replied “Hmmm It‘s pretty good.“

We were walking down the hall on the way out. Elizabeth suddenly said to me, “That has to be the worst burger I ever had in my life!” I spluttered and cracked up laughing, so loud it turned peoples heads our way! “I thought you said,” I started to say; “I know what I said” the wife growled at me. “What did you expect me to say? I wasn’t going to spoil her meal before she started! Now she won’t ever believe anything I recommend in the future!"

Every day a coconut ~



Singing Stream said...

LOL You two love birds kill me!!! LOLOLOLOLOL That's so neat!

Eric Valentine said...

So glad it tickled your fancy Laurie!! LOL

When things like that happen, there's no shortage of material!! :)))

Augs Casa said...


I do love your sense of humor. This was a really good read. I really enjoyed it. If you can;t laugh at yourself, or the things around you, what can you laugh at.

Keep smiling and laughung mate. It's what gets us through this thing called life.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi matey!,
here again I see, pretty soon 'm going to have to feed you!! hahaha
Thanks again for your kind words.

A smile can make the World go round!


Augs Casa said...

Fish n chips mate. I'm simple that way. Reckon I'll be paying you rent soon...ha ha ha

Eric Valentine said...

Augs!... Do you take malt vinegar with that?! :)

Augs Casa said...

I'll be honest mate, I never had it. Heard of it from my mates across the pond. I'll give it a go.

Eric Valentine said...

LOL.. Augs, try it I gaurantee you will like it. :))