Monday, January 14, 2008

Joust a Minute!

It’s a new hospital, so we’re a little reticent. My appointment is for 2:20 and we decide to get there early just in case, arriving at 12:50. I know this will cost a fortune in parking but this is one appointment I cannot miss.

I have COPD and I’m here for a spirometry test. ~ This test is not something that I had been looking forward to, for obvious reasons.

After locating the correct parking area, there seems to be quite a bottle neck of cars trying to get in and out. It looks like poor planning to me, with not much room to maneuver, result, chaos. ~ I make a mental note of my first strike against this place.

We locate the handicapped parking area aisle and try to turn into it. A truck exiting is blocking the way. After sitting a while waiting for this guy to go, Elizabeth turns down the visor with the handicapped sign on it to show him where we are trying to get to. The guy somehow miss-reads this and grabs his handicapped sign from his dash and starts waving it at us.

This is no less than ridiculous. ~ After a few more minutes and angry gesturing, the truck gives way, he is after all, leaving. He moves on with a glare, still waving his sign. “Joe for King!“ I yell, but he doesn’t hear me.

This really is a first for us. ~ Handicapped parking rage.

The last time I had this test, was about 20 months ago, my numbers were bad. ~ My lung capacity then, (Fev1) was 26%. A normal persons is 100%.

Since then, I know I have gone downhill, despite all the hard work and rehab.

With COPD, the immune system is greatly compromised, through sickness and infections. I keep a strict record of everything and last winter I spent 4 months contracting cold after cold from November through February. As a result of that, I know that my lung capacity deteriorated a lot during this time.

Part or most of the reason for this was my weekly rehab at the other hospital. Going to the hospital, seemed to mean getting more exposed to germs in the air, and the resulting consequences. It’s a double edged sword. The year before, I never got sick. This year so far, cold free.
I cannot take anymore chances though, for this is my life that‘s at stake.

The rehab was a godsend no doubt, but certainly not in the winter.

So, here I am taking the spirometry test once again. The technician is wonderful, as they all are. ~ After the test I learn, the new benchmark of my lung capacity, is now 21%. ~ I am not surprised. ~ With so much to live for, I will not give up.

My request of, “Could I have a copy of the results please?, Brought the pleasant response, “but of course.” They are so accommodating. I have decided that I like this new hospital.
One thing though.~ Next time, here at the parking lot, I will bring my lance!

Maybe take out a mortgage for parking?



Leon said...

I am sure that with your spirit and sense of humor you will be with us for a whole lot longer Eric. I understand. I know that I get angry whenever I am asked how long I have "suffered" with diabetes. I tell them, as I am sure you do with COPD, "I don't suffer, I live!" Joust on, my friend. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Leon, yes I plan on being around for a long time,God willing.

That's right my friend, COPD is a term disease, just like diabetes, that we do battle with on a daily basis.

I have "too much living to do," to waste the time not enjoying life. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Bring your lance, Eric? You are a real fighter, this much I understand. Leave the badge-wavers with a smile on your face and use your mental lance to fight for your 21%. ;-) Use all your energy positively on yourself, my friend. Enjoy!

Eric Valentine said...

You are right of course Swen, but it's ok to make fun of these things, for it helps put that smile on my face.

My mental lance is writing about it and keeping a positive attitude my friend. :)

Shameless said...

I think you should go on a horse the next time, Eric! The truck driver will not know what he's come across. :-) Keep up that fighting spirit.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Seamus my friend, funny you should say that about the horse, that thought crossed my mind when I wrote the story.. LOL

It's good to see you here again, thank you for your visit. I hope the New Year is being good to you. :)

The spirit right now is in fine fettle. :)

newnorth said...

yikes, hope next time the parking is better. Glad you like it otherwise.

Eric Valentine said...

It has to be better Newnorth, in the meantime it's fun to look back on it for a chuckle. :)

Margie said...

Sounds like it was quite an experience in the parking lot...not the best one though!

Take good care of yourself, my friend!


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie, it wasn't quite as serious as it sounds, but some people can be pretty miserable when they want to be. :)

It just shows it can happen at any level though.

Have a good week Margie. :)

shades said...

sending lots of love and prayers...!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you so much Shades, nice of you to visit again my friend. :)

zirelda said...

I hope your test went well Eric. I spent time at the National Jewish Hospital with my dad. The people in those hospitals are fantastic and the parking does bite.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Zirelda thanks. The tests are a measurement type test to see where your lungs are at present.

With that kind of disease there is no cure, so they just have to monitor things, meanwhile you do all the right things, hoping for the best. The best is, to slow down the progress & it works ~ some are around for quite a few years.. :)


drips of paint said...

lol eric...

glad that now you do not have to drive so far away for check up....
and great spirit you have.

thanks for recipe of viniger:)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim, nice to have you drop by. Glad the vinegar worked for you...... Its good on Fish n chips too..LOL

Yes relief is just a drive away my friend.. :)

samrina said...

God bless you Eric..

Stay happy n healthy :)

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Samrina, God Bless you also. :)

Staying healthy n happy is what we work so hard at my friend.. :)

Have yourself a good weekend. :)

Augs Casa said...

Been a while mate. I miss your posts. I know that thest results were a bit down, but your zest for life is above the charts. Be well my friend, I am thinking of you and hoping and will keep tabs on your thorugh your posts. Always lookin out for my mates.


Margie said...

Thinking about you, Eric!
Hope you are doing well, my friend!
Thanks for all the special visits!
I appreciate them very much!

Looking forward to your next post!
I always enjoy them!


Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for dropping by Augs, I know you are quite busy these days, but it's always nice to see my Buddy.. Take care.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Margie, very nice to see you again, I am plodding along and doing fine, despite the weather. :)

It's always nice visiting your site and checking to see your latest creation also. You haven't lost a beat with your writing for the poems are beautiful. To bad Janice had to close shop, we're going to miss her around here, but I understand her reasons..

I will have to get to work and start writing ~ I think I need rollerblades! :)

Singing Stream said...

(((((Eric))))) I'm glad you have the test behind you. It is always a worry, waiting to go, waiting to see. I know you'll work hard till the next test..and I also know that Elizabeth will be there right at your side. What a are so right. You have soooo much to live for. Leon is right...WE LIVE!!!! :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing Stream, yes you are right about the waiting.

The hardest part though, is knowing that the condition has worsened, but as yet you don't know how much, that makes waiting more agonizing.

All is quiet & happy in the campsite, so we live for other days my friend.
Elizabeth is my right hand SS, without her it would be a perilous journey indeed. Have a good one.. :)