Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Beginning

I am sorry it took so long. No we didn’t abscond with all the Christmas loot, we just got sidetracked a little along the way.

Hope everyone had a great time over the Christmas & New Year festivities, ours was a little quiet but still enjoyable.

In looking back over 2007, I have to conclude that from the blogging standpoint, I had a very successful year. Considering when I wrote my first blog Jan 15th, and even then I didn’t have a clue what to write, it turned out ok and I found it so exhilarating. I owe most of the success of my blog to all of you, the readers of what I put out there.

Without an audience a show cannot go on. Writing blogs is not that far different from any other form of entertainment. You make people happy or laugh, even shed a tear or two, but they will come back for that second look.
That second look is what all of you gave me and have kept on giving me throughout the year, even when at times, the shelves were empty, I thank you so much for that and for your patience.

For 2008 I would hope to continue with the kind of writing that has kept you coming back in the first place. There are some personal changes in our real life future shortly, but I am sure we can accommodate that without too many problems. In the meantime I wish you all well, I wish you good health & good fortune.

May God smile on you and the World and make it a less troubled place. ~ Thank you all and God Bless. ~



newnorth said...

I always smile when I see you have a new post up. (A little voice in my head goes yay too)
...and just to let you know, my brother did the impossible and saved my data before the Dell guy told me I would have to reconfigure my computer. So it works now. It's blank but it works.

Eric Valentine said...

Well my friend I hope you had the good sense to back up your files etc etc. :)

You always leave me with a nice or funny comment, I Thank you so much and a big YAY backatcha. :)

Janice Thomson said...

And I look forward Eric to being a visitor this year too. I enjoy your posts a great deal. I know God is smiling on you my friend.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for those sweet words Janice. You are always welcome and I too love reading your creations at your site also.

I think it's so nice when one gets a regular group dropping in often. ~ Pretty soon I will have to put the coffee pot on. :)

zirelda said...

Happy New Year Eric and Good Morning Glory!

I love reading your blog. It is so nice to get a glimpse of someone else. What a beautiful way to communicate and you communicate beautifully.

samrina said...

Hi Eric,

I do hope dear that your success will continue in this year 2008 and further more... you got such a unique, impressive way of writing i must say...

God bless you!

Julie said...

Eric, I love the picture of the morning glory. It's some years since I had a vine in the greenhouse.

Every best wish in your changes in 2008, and glad you enjoyed the nostalgic tour of the villages - I posted the rest of the pics today.

Augs Casa said...

I really enjoy your writing and I believe I made a good mate inthe process. I look forward to reading more this year.


Shameless said...

And a very happy New Year to you, Eric. :-) May 2008 be full of joy and happiness. I look forward to reading your story below when I have more time tomorrow. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Zirelda, I hope your New Year was a good one too.

I am pleased that you enjoy reading my site, as I do yours.
I think it is wonderful to see how other peoples lives unfold, day to day.

Nice to see how talented most are as well. I love your Glasswork, it's simply wonderful. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Samrina my friend, your words are always so encouraging and flattering to me.

Have a good 2008 and may God be ever watchful over you and yours. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you like the Morning Glory Julie, I don't think we have any seeds left otherwise we would mail you some to enjoy yet again.

Yes I loved those village shots and will be back later to take another look. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Augs my friend, what can I say buddy. This place is just like home with you visiting. You are always welcome and you do flatter me too....
It's nice though to have friends such as you. Have a good 2008 Mate.

Eric Valentine said...

Welcome back Seamus from those dizzying heights. Just the sight of you standing atop the mountain was enough for me.

I can see that you my friend really lives life to the fullest. You're the Man of Steel from now on going up there the way you did.

I wish also to you, that 2008 is a very fruitful and fulfilling year for you & yours.

I am thrilled that you come here to read me, you really made my day my friend. :)

Leon said...

I know 2008 will be a good year Eric. And your blog posts will be among the bright spots. I guess in my laziness the past couple of days, I didn't wish you a personal Happy New Year. Well, consider it now done. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Leon, I wouldn't say you were lazy, for everyone gets caught up in the activities of the moment my friend.

I will strive to do my best and live up to expectations in my writing, right now I feel enthusiastic about the days ahead...... Maybe spring would have something to do with that. :)

A very Happy New Year to you also Leon, it's always good to see your smiling face here. :)

drips of paint said...

2008 eric..I'll be sneaking around the corner spying on you...count on that.:)))

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Tim my friend, I always knew I could count on you! LOL

I will be thinking of you as always, lots of good wishes and success with your painting. :)

Margie said...

And may God smile on you my friend!
You brighten up the world with your wonderful writings!
Happy New Year!!!

P.S Guess what?
I actually did a post!
Can't believe it myself!

Eric Valentine said...

Margie! what a nice surprise to see you again, this is a nice habit to get into. :)

Thank you for your kind words and a wonderful Happy New Year to you my friend.

Now I have to hop over and read your poem... Nice to hear you made a post. :)

Anonymous said...

Morning glories and moonflowers have a mystical aura to me.

Here's to another great year of blogging!

Singing Stream said...

A beautiful morning glory Eric..and thank you for continuing to share your wisdom and your talent with us. I look forward to each one of your posts. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you have such a following of readers and good friends. ((((Hugs)))) Happy New Year to you and your beautiful Lady.. ((((Elizabeth))))

Eric Valentine said...

Welcome Jason & thanks for your visit.

We had a great year for flowers this last two years so have an abundance of pics, so glad you liked.

I will pop over and check in with your site. Yes I too look forward to another great year of blogging, such fun.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you enjoyed the Morning Glory Singing, I am always glad when anyone enjoys my writings.

I appreciate your suppport when I struggle my friend. :)