Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sangilak 2

In addition to being in the writing circle, the obvious intent of the circle is to encourage people to read, write and broaden their scope in the world of literature. To this end then, besides adopting a lion you are encouraged to write a poem or piece of prose, inspired by your lion. ~ You may well wonder at the choice of the name Sangilak. ~

About the Lions name:

The first time I met the Lion I was struck by the White on his face and chest with the Red blaze, (Red Maple Leaf ?) reminiscent of the Canadian flag.

In selecting a name for my Lion, I decided on Sangilak which means, ‘The strongest of all’ in Inuktitut. The Inuit are an indigenous people of Canada.

This seemed most apt, for the Lion has long been known as “The King of The Jungle’ down through the ages and pages of history. ~

This is the poem I wrote about my lion, Sangilak. ~


He burst forth from the past to now
Fiercely proud, strong, erect.
His torso adorned and glowing still,
Remnants of the days of battle royal,
The figures, depicting scars from days of old.

I first saw him standing there -
Covered it seemed in a hue of snow?

On his chest emblazoned in red,
“Is that a red maple leaf I see,
Or some such facsimile ?”
I said astounded! ~ hesitantly, ~
“You are Canadian ~ aren’t you”

Eric Valentine Jan 27/08 ©



L said...

Congratulations Eric! Wonderful poem and clever name.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank U L, nice to C U visit again.. :)

Leon said...

Ah, not only a lion, but showing his (adopted) nationalism. LOL Wonderful poem Eric!

Then again, with my name, I have always had a fondness for Lions anyway. :~D

zirelda said...

Wonderful poem Eric. I just can't quit doing the happy dance for you!

newnorth said...

nice poem Eric! Awesome name too.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon, yes I like that poem, actually though I did write two. The other I will post shortly.. :)

I can see that you like lions too LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you like the poem Zirelda, mind you don't hurt yourself with all that hopping... LOL

Dancing to the music eh.:)

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you like it Newnorth, the name is kind of different isn't it.. :)

shades said...

Congrats Eric...!
I loved the name, and the poem about Sangilak...!!

Eric Valentine said...

I'm glad you like that poem and the name Shades thank you. I thought it was perfectly fitting.. :)

Be well.. :)

Margie said...

I really like that poem, Eric!
Just wonderful!


Eric Valentine said...

I'm glad you like that Margie. You are a little late tonight again? Sleep well my friend.. :)

Julie at Virtual Journey said...

Powerful words, Eric, powerful lion!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you so much Julie, glad you like.

I like that gif you have right now, I could tell you a story about swans.. Another time maybe.. :)

Julie at Virtual Journey said...

Eric - thanks for the comment on mine; I'd thought about doing one or two 'warm up' exercises for drawing -
I'll leave them in Studio, where they will be easier to find and come back to, if you are interested.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Julie, will check it out. :)

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Eric, I've started reading some of your poetry - loved the computer and the steak one....

Eric Valentine said...

You must be at my poetry site then Julie. I am glad that one gave you a chuckle ~ enjoy.

I haven't put any new in there for some time now.. Almost time for an overhaul.. :)

Margie said...

Good-morning Eric
I just had to come by and thank you!
Your special and kind words about my poetry mean so much!
You always have the most wonderful words to share with me!

Got to get busy now...my hubby and me are heading away tomorrow morning for a weekend getaway to Breckinridge, CO.
And, I have much to do today to get ready!
It's a most beautiful place!
We are going to do some cross country and downhill skiing.

Well, hope your day is going well.
Take care, my good friend!

Joy and blessings to you...always!


Eric Valentine said...

Hello Margie, nice surprise seeing you again.

I do try to offer words where they are well deserved my friend and your poetry warrants all that you recieve.
I am just one of the many followers that you have reading your wonderful work, keep it up Margie.

Have a great weekend you & hubby, be careful on the slopes. Take care. :)

Singing Stream said...

Wonderful poem indeed Eric!! I'm happy dancing with zirelda for you! :)

Eric Valentine said...

Take your partners n clap your hands..... LOL

Thanks Singing Stream.. :)

drips of paint said...

such simplicity in the poem, nice.:)

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you like Tim my friend.. Have a good weekend.. :)

samrina said...

Beautiful words n theme Eric..

God bless you dear friend :)

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Samrina. It's wonderful the patterns that words can weave, I'm glad you enjoyed this poem.

Take care my friend, God Bless. :)

Pearl said...

Must be a immigrant Canadian lion to have such nationalism.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Pearl, thanks for the visit.

Yes! one must seek refuge where ever one can find it ~ only knows Canada is quite accommodating, it took me after all. :)