Monday, January 28, 2008


This is an exciting time for me right now. This last few days I had been trying to reach a decision on a favorite blog of mine.

I speak of “The Shameless Lions writing circle.” The group is comprised of 48 members, all of whom are writers and some quite successful, having been published. Each of these writers has an adopted lion, a symbol of the writing circle group. Recently two vacancies opened up, as a result of two writers departing for other climes ~ you can see my dilemma.

First and foremost I wasn’t sure if my level of writing was at the desired standard, thus my hesitancy in applying for a lion. There are other contingency considerations to take into account, but nothing out of reach.

Over the weekend I applied to Seamus, then I held my breath, hoping and perhaps praying a little, for the lion to reach out and bring me a satisfactory result in my quest.

He must have heard me! For now I can proudly announce that I have my lion! I named him Sangilak, but more on that later. ~
I am now a member of “The Shameless Lions writing circle.” My thanks go out to Seamus, for having the faith in me to give me this chance.

I would like to add that Seamus runs a registry of ‘Circle Friends’ and is always looking for new people to join. Come on over for a read, he has a great blog, with stories that I think are as good as they get, visit for a read you won’t be disappointed. The link is on my sidebar.

To be cont’d



newnorth said...

Congratulations Eric! you deserve it.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Newnorth, you flatter me my friend..

Stay well. :)

Pearl said...

Welcome to the zoo! :)

Julie said...

Eric, Congratulations and very well deserved! I'm awake blogging at an unearthly hour, and you may not have seen the rest of the pictures on my post as I was editing as I went along - but appreciated your response very much.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Pearl, welcome to my kitchen, one never knows what's cooking next! :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Julie my friend, now I have to live up to it.

I will pop by and take another peek, just love those pictures.. :)

Margie said...

Hi Eric
Just popping in before I head off to bed.(I'm sometimes a night owl...LOL)
So very happy for you, Eric!
My warmest congrats!

CU soon!

Good-night, and pleasant dreams!


samrina said...

Congratulations Eric!!

Load s of best wishes n prayers for you dear:)

Take care

Shameless said...

Eric, you're lion is looking very much at home here! We are so happy he's been warmly welcomed into your family. It's a real pleasure to have you join the circle. :-)

Leon said...

Congratulations. . .you old. . .LION! Roarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! :~D

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Margie for the visit & congrats. :)

A night owl eh..

That's the way I used to do most of my writing. Today it's not quite as bad, but I still get my moments of sleeplessness. :)

I will be popping over soon for a looksee

Eric Valentine said...

Good day Seamus, it's always nice getting your visits.

Yes everyone is quite happy to see Sangilak in residence here. We all look for good things happening as time progresses.

I am very happy to be a member of the circle my friend. Now I have work to do, and a lot of reading. :)

Eric Valentine said...

oop's! I almost missed you Samrina & that won't do at all.. :)

Thank you my friend and do take care. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon my friend thank you, yes I guess us 'Olde Codgers' can still roar & byte a little..LOL

zirelda said...

Eric! How wonderful for you! :) :) :)


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Zirelda, I have you to thank for giving me the original Roarrrrrrr.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Congratulations, Eric. What an acknowledgement!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Swen my friend, yes I am quite happy right now.

Hope things are well with you.. have a good week. :)

zirelda said...

I gave you the roar Eric, but your writing speaks for itself. Or rather, you speak through it.

Rock on!

Eric Valentine said...

Well thank you Zirelda, that is such a sweet thing to say.. :)

Have a great day my friend. :)

Singing Stream said...

(((((((Eric))))))) Congrats! This speaks volumes for the writer's circle, it's obviously a circle of the very best. Wonderful...YAY :^D

Eric Valentine said...

That it is Singing Stream and thank you my friend. :)

drips of paint said...

wow wonerful news, so happy for you my friend. I think you fit right into the club ... you write with simplcity of mind and heart.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Tim my friend, you are so generous in your praise. ;)

Keep well Tim.. ;)