Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Futile Rant

Of late I seem to have lost a little gusto, words are getting increasingly difficult to come up with. This is not a good sign or a happy moment right now. In this fast moving world I now find I have to increase the pace, that I may keep up with life.

Right now I guess I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet with all that is going on around the world. When I was a kid growing up my parents always advised, never get involved in an argument that involves politics or religion. Well I ask you, how can one not get involved with all that is happening all too frequently today.

Yesterday I watched fragments of the “Live Earth“ show stopper that was being put on TV around the world. It didn’t take me very long to ask myself this question. Just how much good do the organizers think this will do, and how best do they think it will manifest itself?
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for anything that will stop this rollercoaster madness that is taking place, ~ virtually destroying the Earth. But to think that concerts are going to change that? To that I really have to say ‘Get real!’
The only way things are going to be changed is if all the countries and governments of the world get off their duff and get their snouts out of the trough!!

For while the concerts provide a nice summer interlude to the madness, ~ Still the wheels of destruction grind on.

I don’t see too many businesses cutting back on their toxic emissions destroying the ozone. I don’t see very many folks trying to cut back on their use of the automobiles and the poisonous gases they emit. The flagrant abuse of energy, just so some folks can have their toys to play with. I could go on forever for the list is rampant and so endless.

The thought crossed my mind whilst watching parts of the ‘Big Show’ wouldn’t it be great, (in a dream world) if all of the millions of people who were watching the concert, could be harnessed ~ as in one big voting block.
Put the votes to work in all of the countries concerned ~ get rid of the stumbling block bodies who are concerned only with their own image and brownie points.
Vote in responsible politicians who would devote their time and beliefs into doing something realistic about this World problem in addition to the normal government activities. Governments who would clamp down on big businesses and either make them comply or shut them down - period! I realize that this too would require some cooperation between countries. We all know that this can’t be achieved without some growing pains to everyone, that goes without saying. We would then see in reasonable time I feel, a change taking place in the world environmental conditions. At least then, there might be a planet for the children of the future. I know this cannot be achieved overnight, but it could be done.

The people who are the stumbling blocks to world recovery are well known enough, there is no need for me to get into names. I think that most will agree the BS has been going on far too long.

Of course all of this is probably a futile rant, lets face it, at times people living on the same street can't get even along let alone a whole world of people.

As a footnote: I would like to say my words are not here to be critical of the ‘Live Earth‘ concert concept. I do not take away in the least anything from all the good work, time, effort and entertainment values put out by all who contributed to the ‘Live Earth program” I thank you all for the attempts to make people more aware to the world’s environmental problems. Thank you again.



Margie said...

Hi Eric
Not a futile rant at all....on the contrary....a great post!
Thank you for sharing it!
I tend to agree with everything you shared here, especially when you said...
The only way things are going to be changed is if all the countries and governments of the world get off their duff and get their snouts out of the trough!!
If only, if only that would happen!
Would that not be wonderful!
I don't see it happening though!

I did not get a chance to watch any of "Live Earth."
I've been so busy lately.
I hardly ever watch any TV.
I am totally involved with my son, as he leaves for college Aug 11th.
Spending every free minute with him.
Lots and lots of ballgames, but I sure do love watching him play!!!

Hope you are having a good Sunday!
Take care, my friend!
I always enjoy so much visiting here!


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie,

Was that ever a nice surprise to read your comment. As a writer yourself I am sure that sometimes you know we can have a rant occassionally. I really appreciate the positive remarks you gave, it is encouragement indeed, thank you.

Today the weather here is very hot and humid so it is difficult to really enjoy things as much. Today I love the a/c!

I am glad you are having such an enjoyable time with your son before he departs for college again. Do take care and enjoy life!
You are always welcome here my friend.

Eric :)

newnorth said...

I saw a spider building a web tonight. It seemed futile but now it's almost done!
...of course tomorrow it will be knocked down and the spider will have to start over. Not sure what that tells you...

Eric Valentine said...

But of course newnorth. :)

If at first you don't succeed, keep swinging!

Thank you my friend. :)

Augs Casa said...

Oh mate, all I can say is well done. I did not watch the so called Live Earth concerts. I found it quite funny myself that they filled these stadiums, but how did all of them get to this concert....their cars???
No mate you keep sharing your thoughts. I am right there along with you.


Eric Valentine said...

Gee Augs! I must be getting sleepy.LOL

I didnt't think about those points, the cars and come to think of it.... How much power was used? I rest my case. Thanks for your vote of confidence my friend. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Hi Eric,

As you can see I am returning your call, so to speak, and I think I have figured out, judging by the blogs you read, where you got my blog address from.

Yes, how did they all get to the concert, and what about Madonna's personal carbon footprint,eh? I know they used environmentally-friendly light bulbs, but....

I saw an item on British telly last night about how scientists now were researching into how farmers could change the stuff they feed to their cows, because they evidently emit more greenhouse gases (methane) than cars, or something. So, good old cow poo, which one always thought must be very good for nature, is an ecological villain! How about that?

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen' it's nice to have you visit my humble blog. :)

Yes you are right about where I got your addy from :)

re the concert: Funny how all the small details can trip people up. It was the wife who said how did they get there to the concert.

Yes I read an article a while ago about the cows thing. Over here in Canada they are concerned about the methane thing you speak of, but more to the point in this country is the fact that there is what they term as 'run-off' back into the soil and also into the lake water and streams. Which in turn has all kinds of adverse effects on things in the food chain.

Once again Swen' thanks for visiting please drop by again.