Friday, July 20, 2007

Global Turnaround

Rather than give a big yawn for lack of words to write this day. I decided to take a different route and bring you relief from all the hot and humid days that so many of you seem to be experiencing, even here where we live.

So by way of a change, instead of pictures of summer and all the beauty that nature can bring, I decided to give you another form of nature at her best, but in a different season. I hope they will please you ~ so button up ~ think cool, and enjoy!

.(clickable thumbnails)

This first one I found on the net.

Talk about winter Berries and icy cream.

These are some of our stay all winter birds.

This one always fascinates me with the pattern it has created.

Just a peeking out to see if summer is comng yet!



Leon said...

Hi Eric - good to meet you through your comments. And I have recently been reading your blog and have it linked from my site. By all means, I welcome the ink from you. Thank you.

- Leon

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon, it has been a pleasure reading your site and very nice meeting you also.

I had a very enjoyable visit to your site and am impressed with your theatre presentations. :)

newnorth said...

oh man, now I need a jacket :p

The pictured are great!

Eric Valentine said...

Thankyou Newnorth LOL.

With the exception of the first picture the rest were taken outside our apartment, which sits atop of a hill.

Thanks again for visiting my friend. :)

drips of paint said...

Hey Eric..

this is way cool..very refreshing and good thinking

Eric Valentine said...

Hi there Tim, you do pop up all over the place!

Thankyou so much for your visit, I am glad that you liked my thought & pics. I actually just threw it in as a filler to be honest, as I had not yet written anything for the day. :)