Monday, January 29, 2007

Entertainment? Bah Humbug!

The other morning I was just muddling along on the net. One of the first things that I do when I start the day is go over the small news items. This one that I had in mind was one of them. Strange really how so many times you see something and it jogs your mind. It had been plaguing me about what to write for the next blog, and there it was!

Quite a bit this last few months I have been more than a little disgruntled at what is shown on the TV nowadays, under the guise of entertainment.
They faithfully take your money each month for your cable hookup and then feed you all this junk and umpteenth time around programming.

If you get really lucky on a given weekend in particular; you will get a channel that reruns the same movie over and over, all day and night. Then in case you missed out that day, you might just be lucky enough to let them catch you again the following day.

My take on that is all they are using are tapes and they possibly don’t even employ anyone to work the weekends. God help if the tapes ran into trouble, and I believe a few years ago I saw one that did just that! Zonk!!

Does ‘Dinner & a movie!’ give you any clues? I have never seen anything so useless and stupid as D&M. Imagine if you will, getting comfortably settled into a movie when suddenly they switch, POOF! GONE!
To a bunch of nincompoops sitting around a kitchen table, who babble on for an indeterminate length of time about nothing intelligible.
Thus virtually and effectively wiping out any dregs of what the original movie was about, that your mind may have been lucky enough to retain.
I think you get the idea; who knows, you may even be unfortunate enough to have run that gambit before too.

Yep! Great entertainment I must say. Right.

This last Friday night we sat down to watch a little idiot box, when I noticed a movie coming up at 8pm. It wasn’t one of those big bonanza epics either.

This particular movie was “Witness for the prosecution” made in 1957 with Charles Loughton, Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power. That was a marvelous movie, a classic in my mind. Good old black & white movies.

Then I started remembering so many other classic movies over the years. Such as ‘Casablanca’ starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and a whole list of stars. Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, Christmas Carol, with Alistair Sim Just to name a couple or so.

Then of course there were all those great musicals, Sound of Music, King & I, Westside Story, Carousel and on and on. You rarely see films of that nature these days. Those are what I call true classics. So many great stars of old; so where are such upcoming stars today? All I see most days are a bunch of generics playing a part with the odd name brand person thrown in.

My wife so far does not agree with me so I concede a little ground here.

So after the classics I guess you could find many a bunch that could be called pretty good movies. Epics kind of comes to mind, but even then, still not a true classic as in the term. Ten commandments, Robe, Ben Hur, I would even put the Magnificent Seven up there and who could ever forget the ‘Spaghetti westerns,’ Clint Eastwood.
I really have to look long and hard to find stars today who one would deem ‘Notable’, there could of course be the odd exception. Anthony Hopkins comes to mind with a few other honorable mentions.

Let me ask you, how many movies have you seen in recent years that you would give the label “A Classic”? One or two reasonable movies maybe, but a classic? Go ahead surprise me.

Now the TV entertainment, now there’s a nice title. Sitcoms, yuk what a word. I’m not going to delve too much into that area for obvious reasons, my time is too valuable to waste on the junk they call comedy.
Gone are the days of Carol Burnet, Bob Hope, Red Buttons, Jackie Gleason and good old Lucille Ball, now those were good shows with real comedians.
I now much prefer to watch the Brit shows these days, far superior programs. The nearest equivalent that I could concede here would of course be Seinfeld, maybe the odd Leno Show.

I will also pass on sports, too much has been messed up there already, you don’t really want my thoughts on that.

Nope I don’t have a great opinion of the entertainment stuff today. I get more entertainment when I go on the computer and write this junk! LOL

Tea’s up! C’ya

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