Friday, February 2, 2007

A Whale of a Day

I had to go to the doctors yesterday afternoon, it was just another one of those things that has be taken care of. The outcome of which was to be sent downstairs to get some chest x rays. ~ That’s when the fun began.

A lot of you know that I have COPD and my biggest enemy is being short of breath (sob). You can well imagine the state I was in by the time I arrived downstairs (In the elevator) huffing and puffing. I almost left the x rays till another time, because the weather here right now being so unstable.
So in I rolled in with my walker and oxygen bottle at the ready, and my face attached to it all with the tube!
I knew I would not be able to handle all this undressing and dressing that they subject you to. So I do dress accordingly, with easy access things that way I don’t have to do zippers n buttons n stuff.

So as I went in I announced ‘I am only removing my top’ for I knew it would be easy for them anyway. No arguments there, they were very accommodating, I proceeded to get ready with the help of the wife. The radiologist was new to me, not the regular one that usually deals with me; this one was an attractive young woman probably around 21 yrs old. A real mod go-getter complete with a harpoon stuck through her nose!
I thought Blimey! Things are changing round here.

All went reasonably well for the first set of pictures, then “Turn to the left, hands above the head!” It almost felt like an Army inspection again from the old days. She took a second set of frames and I asked if I needed to wait. “Yes,” she said. So I just leaned, bent over on my walker. “Sit down,“ said she, for my walker does have a seat. I will be ok I replied. She said, “Are you sure? You won’t go down on me will you!!?” Bite your tongue Eric. I thought, oh the temptation to reply. (I knew what she really meant) No, I will be alright I said, again as she heads for the door, (one last time) “Are you sure you won’t go down on me?” Grrrrrrrr my naughty mind wants to take over with a fitting but humorous response. I could hardly contain myself, then she disappeared out of site. ~

I told Elizabeth what had transpired, after we were alone, she cracked right up all the way home. ~
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

We went downtown this afternoon, it’s that time of the year again sticker time for the truck and of course this year, a license re-newel for yours truly.
It had occurred to me that there may be a small line up after being closed for lunch so we arrived 10 minutes later from opening. So just like the above entry, I roll up literally with the wife, my walker and my oxygen. My new fashion accessories. :- ))

Well you know, normally people in general are pretty good when they see me and my snort bottle go by. You will always get the odd one who looks curious but all in all people are ok. NOT when you are in a drivers licensing office, lining up!
It was almost like a live cartoon. You can just visualize all these folks looking at me, thinking “and he’s literally on life support” for I’m at the counter by now, and the thought bubbles above their heads, I can imagine the remarks!

With a smirk on my face I head for the door, license in hand, the walker which assists me to shuffle along, and the oxygen tube still attached to my mug. ~

Did I tell you? I also wear glasses! ~

Supper’s up! C’ya.


Falcon said...

Great reading, Eric. A lot of history in these, too. Take care.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks as always Falcon, I really appreciate that you drop in for a read. You are right about the history. This writing can get to be addictive! LOL