Friday, January 26, 2007

A Silhouette of Speculation?

Some dark and dreary night, a thunderstorm rages outdoors. The room is suddenly illuminated by the occasional flash of lightening, and an ominous clap of thunder almost jolts the little old lady out of her chair. The storm after raging for an hour, slowly moves on as it fades into the distant night. Things start to settle down again, slowly you start to drift off and your eyes heavy finally close. You wake with a start, it is pretty dark in the room now with the storm having gone.

The air is cool and clammy as the fire has long since died. ~

A pretty scary thought really. I wonder how many older people are out there on their own, maybe having experienced such a night scene. There no one near to help if they get into trouble of a medical kind.

Does anyone think about those kind of things? What about life after death?

I often think about what comes after life, what really does happen. Do we move on to another plateau or just remain here a pile of dust. There are many many people out there who steadfastly believe in a hereafter, I am one of them.

Having said that I sometimes sit and just speculate on what is going on in the World today and the obvious direction we all seem to be headed. Will there really be a doomsday, an Armageddon, will God allow such a thing to finally happen? I speculated, will somebody from outer space, another planet step in and bring us all to our senses before it is too late? ~

Recently I received an email showing just that. The correlation of the planets in the Universe. That once again set my mind to work thinking, not only about our galaxy but the universe as a whole. The result was nothing short of breathtaking. It showed images of our Solar System and the beyond right out into the universe proper. Initially we got to see the earth being the bigger of all the nine planets at that time, in our system, Then the nine compared to our Sun, followed by Sirius, Pollux then Arcturus. The earth at this scale was now invisible (of the map) because it was so small by comparison. The journey continues on for another four bodies out there, the biggest being Antares after Betelgeuse the second largest.

Arcturus, by now in comparison was down to the size of an orange pit.

Check this out, see what I mean.

So now my question is, if God created so many wonders and there are some scientific types who will argue that point and perfectly so. Would he really let one of the Jewels (Earth) perish?

Well you might ask with so many Jewels in the universe, who would even miss one so small as Earth compared to all the giants! I guess that is an answer we will never know. My next statement then is pretty obvious, with no apparent answer to the question.

Don’t you feel then, that we should start to try to do something about saving our own World while we still may? If it isn’t too late already.

Nobody said it was easy or it could be done without sacrifice. Remove the need to have an answer to that original question.

Of course we most certainly have Global warming to contend with. It is here already and what are we, Nay what can we do about it? From what one sees today, too many people are busy counting their shekels to even care. They are so blind to all the possibilities, they just don’t get it! Come on! Wake up!

When will they realize that all the money in the World will do them no good if the World as we know it is a goner! Poof! Gone! Just like that and it can happen.

Yes most definitely, I worry and wonder about just where all this will end up.

One thing is ironic though. When one looks back through history at this wonderful World of ours, it makes me scratch my head. I see a World that has survived countless millions of years, having survived all kinds of disasters in that time. That’s if all we read is to be believed, and I see no reason not to.

Mankind as we know it today has really done a number on this planet in such a very short time, approximately 250 years. Technology? Progress? Poppycock is what I say, greed and avarice seem to be the driving force, like a runaway train. We now have to find the way to derail it! ~

The old lady picked up the cat, come on girl lets get ourselves to a nice bed.

A faint mew from the cat as off they went up the stairs. In the background there was still a faint but audible rumble as the storm went further on its way. ~


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