Monday, January 15, 2007

Breathe Easy

Today I decided that it is time to go the way of the times. That is try my hand at a little blogging? That sure is a funny term for anything however it seems it will suffice. So here we are with my opening words in this new venture for me.

When my wife first mentioned blogging to me I thought and said so, what the heck would I ever find to write about? But always the wise one she replied, you always find something to write and you are good at it. Well that remains to be seen when I eventually get around to reading whatever it is I end up writing.

What I usually do with my time because believe me all of it is spare. I usually spend most of the day sitting at the computer and going round the few threads/forums that I visit each day. Of course along the way I do my share of posts etc and the occasional bit of writing. In between times the wife keeps me amply supplied with tea and a variety of food to eat, I should weigh 300lbs, but thank goodness I don't!

I admit I am getting to like writing more and more and I need all the practice I can get, just don't check my punctuation it Suks! Most of my time in the past I have done some letter writing of which I have been told I excel again the jury is out on that one, I also like to try my hand at a little poetry, but I won't be showing that here. :)
I wonder how many of you folks have ever heard of COPD let alone know what it stands for? Well believe me you don't really want to go there unless it's in your cards that that's where you will end up.

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Statistics will tell you that it's all because of smoking and that you deserve what you get, at least there are some people that will say that. Of course thank goodness not all people are that way inclined. COPD can also be caused by industrial disease, pollution and all kinds of things that are alien to your natural bodily functions.Why am I talking about this subject right now? Well it is something to write about and it's about time someone did.

Most others are too busy sticking their head in the sand just in case this thing is going to cost them some money. Those kind of folks are usually the different levels of government and politicians, business's and even insurance companies I would dare say, in fact anyone who would have to foot the medical bills in order to treat this disease.
I talk this way because I am one of those people who has COPD and right now I am struggling as do others, to get some government help so I can get on oxygen that I along with many others need on an hourly basis in order to sustain a reasonable level of living.

You see this disease can be lived with. It is not, contrary to what some would have you think, a death sentence. In order to manage this monster the rules are fairly simple, eat properly, take your meds as instructed and most of all Exercise! If you follow what seems like simple steps then it is possible that you can extend your life a lot longer than you first expected you would when the Doc originally told you the sad news.

I recently had a good friend who also has this disease, experience what was almost his last exacerbation. This guy is just too good and talented to go just like that, thank goodness someone up there smiled on him…….. This time.

Statistics will also show that despite all the smokers in the world an amazing number of people don’t even know this killer is about. It turns out that now, today, COPD is the #4 killer disease in the world, does that surprise you at all?

Left unattended there is no doubt that this will progress to the point that we won’t have to worry too much about global warming, for diseases such as this will do the job anyway. More people need to be aware and more educated to the danger of ignoring what is going on around us, not only with COPD, for I just picked that one out today but there are a multitude of super bugs out there.

They may be small but one of these days they’re gonna gitcha! Now I need more tea! C’ya.


Singing Stream said...

(((((((Wonderful my friend)))))))

This is just the right medicine for you, and for anyone that respects words of wisdom.

Blessings Always :^D

sweetsoozie said...

You have embarked on a memorable journey, my friend, and I shall follow you along the way, reading what you so graciously print for all to see.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you ladies for those kind encouraging words.

Falcon said...

Eric, keep up the writing. Out of curiosity what is the cost of setting you up with oxygen? Godspeed to you and Elizabeth.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi falcon, thanks for the words & visit. The cost for the 02 is $389.00 per month. OUCH!

Falcon said...

Ouch! is right. Damn that's costly. Interesting reading, Eric. Take care.

Falcon said...

Ummm, Eric...when you start something like this you have to keep it up...LOL.

Take care, and I hope you are doing well.

Eric Valentine said...

hahha Falcon, Patience my friend for these things do take time. Us old geezers don't move quite so fast nowadays! LOL Im having problems logging into my own blog site. My 'puter security is blocking me coming here but I have another way in. My next page is ready and will be later today. :)