Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Ice Day

Unlike some places that are now enjoying the first signs of spring, we seem to be firmly entrenched still with winter. So here is a little poem I wrote with supporting array of pics from yesterday. ~(clickable thumbnails)


Here with an eeriness of light,
Natures beauty, sculptured ripples
Glistening shades of dark and white
Winters fingers ~ Melting icicles. ©


Naomi said...

Brrrr!!!!! Eric, you remind me that I have been so spoiled since moving to southern California 26 years ago. And I must confess that I make no apologies for living in a usually fair weather climate. Maybe you should come on out and visit. ;~)

Leon said...

Sorry about the source of that above comment Eric. Last night I was using the e-mail account for one of the theatre companies of which I am a member. Today, my computer thought that was who was responding. It's really me The Ancient One.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for vising Naomi, always nice seeing a new face. I don't doubt it is warm & beautiful where you are.

Eric Valentine said...

haha Leon that is funny, I should actually have recognised the simlarity of the wording in the posts.. Not a problem my friend. :)

You make a very nice Naomi, I might add! hahahaha :)

zirelda said...

You are entrenched Eric. Oh my. I am so glad we are not still there. Our four to eight inches came down horizontally and probably ended up in Texas Creek which is fine with me.

I always enjoy reading your poetry. May spring break soon in your snowy Canada.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z, right now we have rain/freezing rain. Maybe at the end of the day we'll have less snow.. :)

Glad you like my poems... did you ever read my poetry site on the sidebar. :)

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Eric, those icicles are something else again - and lovely poem to go with them. Hope the thaw comes soon.

I remember living in Durham when we had the worst winters in living memory - fifteen foot snow drifts; the snow ploughs were coming along chopping the tops off parked cars, and the oil in the central heating tank froze; we had to open the fireplaces!

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Julie, I particularly like the first one when enlarged. I thought the poem was an ok touch, it just sort of popped out! haha.. :)

I remember those 15 foot snow drifts, long time ago though for me! LOL.. That's cute though about the snow ploughs.. such imagery. :)

newnorth said...

Those are some impressive icicles. Liked the poems too, especially the last line :) (we've had thunderstorms all day so far)

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you like Newnorth, we had rain & freezing rain all day long, it's still coming down. :)

shades said...

I never get to see such things in real, Eric...
(may be only inside my freezer, when i forget to defrost it... ha ha!)
Thanks a lot for sharing...!!

Eric Valentine said...

Right now Shades, we could use a little defrosting.. Thanks for visiting. :))

Margie said...

Hello Eric
An Ice Day...indeed!
I really enjoyed your poem, and the photos!
I know you must be looking forward to spring!
This weekend, we went to visit our son at his college, (to watch his baseball team play some games)
Sat, it was very warm, and today it was snowing there and very windy and soooooo cold!
On our way back home we had some freezing-rain.
Crazy weather!
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice, warm day!
(I'm so glad!)

Take care!
Stay warm!

P.S The new look of your blog is very nice!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie, I always appreciate your kind words when I post, glad you like the poem. :)

So you had some changeable weather too, spring can't get here soon enough. It's nice that you were able to visit your son and enjoy his games, I know you miss him terribly.

Yes the blog doesn't look bad, thank you.

Take care. :)

Monique said...

It's a hell of a long time since I have seen icicles like that. A wonderful photo with a beautiful poem.

zirelda said...

I have read your poetry site Eric. You write well.

We are supposed to get snow at the end of the week. Ick!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Monique, nice of you to visit again.. Yes those icicles can be a little overpowering LOL

Glad you enjoyed the pics & the poem.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z, I'm pleased you read my site..

The thought of more snow is enough to make one go hunting for groundhogs!! LOL :)

Augs Casa said...

I am counting the days until I am in sunny Mesa, Arizona mate. I'm done with the cold and snow for sure. Although it will only be 10 days away, that's 10 days away from the ice and snow. I promise to get to your tag soon mate. Sorry for not getting to it sooner.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, don't worry too much about the tag my friend. It's just so good to see that you are still around, besides you seem to have a full plate right now helping your Dad out. :)

Have a nice trip, you can start over when you get back.. :)

Shameless said...

Perfect words and pictures, Eric. I hope no one is caught beneath those knives though! :-) lol

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Seamus, the knives now are gone, making room for more as the weather changes.

I am pleased too at the words that came to me the way they did, at times they just pop out. :)