Monday, February 25, 2008

Award Nite

A week ago fellow bloggers Samrina and Newnorth decided that they wanted to give me an award for my blog.

Samrina's award originated at:
Arte Y Pico from Uruguay.

Samrina’s award came because she classed my blog along with others, as artistic in its content & presentation, and that it gave her much enjoyment each day. I thank her for the award and for how she views my attempts at a topic on a given day. Thank you my friend.

Newnorth ~ Her award she gave me was, for as the award says ~ “I made her day” ~ .. Insert a quiet smile here if you please.. I accept that award also. Thank you too my friend.

It is nice to know that other bloggers think of others in such nice terms.
I like to think that all bloggers who try their best each day, are like one big family. An online family maybe, but even so it just shows that when people mingle like this, it is possible to reach out and touch.

In checking out other recipients of both these awards I find, that some pass it on and some offer them to all. I too find it difficult to just select certain ones over others in passing the awards along, for no matter which blogs I frequent on my list I always find all the blogs very well done, “Quite entertaining & Artistic” in fact, so very pleasing, that they “All make my day” So for those of you who would wish to partake, please take one.

Thank you all my friends. :)



shades said...

Hearty Congrats on this Occasion, Eric...!

Janice Thomson said...

Can't think of anyone who deserves these more - congratulations Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

My thanks to you Shades.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Well I don't know about that Janice, but my thanks to you also my friend. :)

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Lovely awards, Eric, and very fitting you should be the recipient!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you also Julie, you are too kind. :)

zirelda said...

Eric, you deserve many many awards in my most humble opinion. Your blog and writing are wonderful.


Eric Valentine said...

Wow thank you Zirelda for such nice compliments.

Your blog is pretty good too ya know, it always helps to "make my day" you should pick up that award from here my friend. :)

zirelda said...

Thank you Eric. I'll be happy to pick it up and display it. You definitely help make my day. :)

Shades said...

That means i am getting an award from you?!
oH wowww...!!
thank you so much, Eric, for being so considerate and thoughtful and friendly and encouraging...!!!
You Made My Day now..!!

Eric Valentine said...

Welcome Z :)

Eric Valentine said...

well yes indeed Shades, you are well deserving, your site is really nice to visit. :)

newnorth said...

I think the whole blogging community is nice too.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, thanks again for the award, nice of you to drop by, hope things are well with you my friend. :)