Friday, March 23, 2007

Migrating Geese

Every morning, through the day and again each evening we always get a whole flock of geese flying overhead. You get that way, that you start to listen and wait for them to fly over. You certainly notice if they don't. This is where this poem came from.

Migrating Geese

Living out here in the country
In the hills all lush and green.
Each day I see the geese fly east
To a place I have not seen.

In the evening as the sun sets,
I hear that haunting honking cry
Heading west, to where they know best
And in passing they say - Hi!

I have often wondered why it is,
The geese do this every day
Then I remember it’s that time of year,
Soon they’ll be gone and on their way.

Eric Valentine Sept 19/03 ©


Margie said...

How wonderful to be graced by the presence of the geese flying overhead...
Lovely poem, and wonderful picture!

Eric, I was reading your poems at Wildfire's Book of Poetry...
I signed your guest book, but it did not post.
I loved all the poems I read...
I'll come back later to read the rest of them.
I also enjoyed very much...your Philosophical Rambling's....very good!
I'll have to check out your Short stories and general writing too.
Thanks for all the wonderful writing...I really enjoy it very much, Eric.

Hope you are having a great day.
It's rainy and dreary here today.
But, we do need the rain.
The sun will be back soon.

Take care!
Warmest greetings!


Eric Valentine said...

Margie, that's really nice that you read my Wildfire site and like all that I have done there.

Your guest book did take, I guess it is slow to load at times.

Thanks again for the visits.