Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Starling

Last summer we were blessed to get a visit from some Starlings. They not only had young ones; but they brought them around to our feeders and taught them how to feed themselves. We had many a chuckle at the antics of the young babies as they tried their best to learn, all the time fighting and squabbling amongst themselves for perching rights!

This year so far, because of the lateness of the snow still being around and old man winter being somewhat stubborn, we still had not seen our usual Robins. So our first new bird this spring was The Starling! This picture is from last summer.

~ Delightful Bird ~

It had started as a dismal day
O’er-cast skies and limp damp air,
Snow laden clouds, feet like clay
No sign as yet of the Robin fair.

Depend on a bird to brighten the morn’
But today the Robin lost his distinction.
On the suet did alight, a new one born
A Starling! The first spring perception!

Eric Valentine March 19/07 ©


Margie said...

Hi Eric
Such a delightful poem...
I love it!
The picture of the starling is wonderful as well!
I am such a bird lover.
I do so enjoy your blog, Eric.
Hope all is well with you.
I am enjoying my break....quite busy though.
See you soon.
Take care.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie,

Glad you like my offerings as much as I enjoy yours. Hope you are making the most of your respite, while it lasts.

Thank you for your visits, they are most encouraging. :)