Monday, February 22, 2010

A Second Chance

Since I started with COPD I have never really had a crisis situation bad enough that we couldn’t handle, and most times survived the day to fight another time.

Four months ago such an event took place for us, one that has changed our lifestyle forever. ~ Scared? You bet your life we were scared and the feeling doesn’t go very far away. There have been many things happen in my life, but none that has affected us the way this one single event has done. You’re damn right we were stunned for a while at the possibilities.

The year 2009 was a very bad year for us and many others I don’t doubt. We never dreamed when Elizabeth’s mother passed away that this would be just the beginning of a trend yet to come.

Unfortunately these were issues of health in our house.

Late Oct, I went down with the above mentioned COPD exacerbation that landed me in hospital, but that was just the beginning of a very unpleasant experience, culminating in heart problems. They told me later, that I was not supposed to walk out of there. I reckon they didn’t know me and Elizabeth yet.

Cutting a long story short, the whole experience set me back quite a long way physically. It has, and continues to be, a long road back, but the improvement has been very encouraging the last couple of months.

Yes, 2009 was a very bad year but 2010 is really turning out to be a winner so far. We look forward to the spring and flower planting and in addition, I want to try and get my pen back into action very soon.

It has been very encouraging to see so many different people checking in at the blog and leaving your kind comments. I do hope to make things up for my absence in the near future. Thank you all for caring so much.



Margie said...

Eric, I'm so glad to hear that 2010 has been turning out to be a winner so far.
You really have been through a lot, I'm so sorry to know you had such a rough time.

Be strong my friend!
I send you my very best wishes for nothing but good days ahead!


forsythia said...

Eric, So wonderful that you and Elizabeth have come through a very hard time. May 2010 be a wonderful year for you both. Looking forward to more posts!

Stephanie said...

good to see you posting here again on your blog, Eric. Glad you made it through the tough times of 2009. May 2010 be a year of good times, good health and more great writing from you. Sending along {{{{{hugs to you and Elizabeth}}}}

PipeTobacco said...


I can sympathize with your rough time. Please know that I and many others are very pleased you have again been able to write. I look forward to reading more from you again.

I have missed you.


swenglishexpat said...

How wonderful to hear from you again, Eric. You must be a fighter! Get better soon. And ... a belated Happy Birthday!

Eric Valentine said...

My wonderful friends, Margie,Forsythia,Stephanie, Pipe Tobacco and Swenglishexpat, as well as others. Everyone should have such a concerned following, I am honored by your visits.

Things do indeed get better with each passing day, with many days yet to travel. I wish you all well and thank you all so much for your encouragement, where would I be without it. :)

zirelda said...

I'm glad to see you back although I'm sorry to hear that 2009 wasn't that good to you.

Here's to a good 2010. And I am contacting you regardin the poem.

Thank you!


Leon said...

Eric, thanks for your comment on my blog. I responded to it there. And, I guess I haven't been following my blogging friends very well, I just saw your post this morning.

I hope you are doing well. Heart issues are scary although I suspect not too much moreso than COPD. I am a 6 1/2 year survivor after coronary bypass surgery and generally have the diabetes under control.

Health challenges certainly help us appreciate the time on earth granted to us, don't they? I've missed you, my friend. Be well!!