Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Feverish

The picture on the TV screen turned a brilliant red and I groaned, I knew what that meant. Relentlessly the text continued to pour out onto the screen, at times moving faster than I could read. I cursed whoever was handling this production of painful information. I wondered at times if it was some sort of sadistic idiot, exacting grim satisfaction from the things that were about to befall us.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “The Weather channel!” ~

The announcement of yet another storm, the third in just over a week, brought a curse to my lips. Just how long is this frigging winter going to last! This has to be the worst, coldest and the most weird winter that I have encountered in many years. Such prolonged sub zero temperatures and more snow than I can remember in over thirty years around this area. ~

Our first indication that winter had arrived came in November, we are now in our fifth month! Thank God we drive a 4x4, at least we can get around.
Since then it’s been one storm after another and believe me they have been genuine storms. I’ve lost count now of what number this latest one is.

Either nature has a warped sense of humor or else it is being very cruel & sadistic. One hears music hall jokes all the time about this country being the land of the Igloo and lots of snow. This could be true to a point, but if I recall correctly most of the storms we’ve suffered this year have come from south of the border! ~ Hey! What are good neighbors for eh? ~

After that big storm that we had over Xmas, we were left thinking maybe that was the last heavy snowfall of the season. ~ Wrong! After that snow we had a few days of extreme cold, then gradually the temps started to warm up.

The resulting rains over the next week certainly gave thoughts of an early spring, washing away all of the snow that we had laying around.
Wow I thought, green grass and birds out there frolicking around & why not? This is after all a common breading area for a lot of North American birds.

Since then we have had three more of the red screen scenarios, with resulting sub zero temperatures and snow exceeding anything I’ve ever seen all the time I’ve lived here.

In a more serious vein though, I am convinced that we are now the victims of a geographical malfunction, ~ no longer are we located in the southern part of Canada but have been relocated somewhere near the north pole. (On Mars maybe!? )

Only last night we received another 12 inches of the dreaded stuff and now the red screen monster is predicting yet another storm for Friday night..

The ground hog had said an early spring! ~ Tell that to the Easter Bunny sitting here in sub zero temperatures and the sixteen inches of snow in the backyard.. ~ Ask me who I believe! I’m sorely tempted to toss my slipper at the idiot box ~

Time to hit the sack.



Leon said...

My goodness Eric! I know you have good reason to be grumpy but you seem to have borrowed some of my curmudgeon-like demeanor. But then, I suspect you've had a bit of that all along. Good to read a rant from you once in a while. :~)

P.S. And I've been complaining about all the "cold weather" here in southern California. :~D I need the sun and heat to get rid of the persistent cough that has been interrupting my own sleep since early January. I suspect that if you were here, you would consider it a balmy winter. I just continue to show how spoiled I've become.

Judith Shapiro said...

When things get tough at home my best friend and I head for the beach. We've been doing it for thirty years. We've been here for a few days now and from time to time have complained about the nip in the air. What were we thinking? Enjoy the snow!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, nice to know you don't mind me yapping from time to time. Venting can be compared to taking the car out for a good run I think, helps to blow all the guk out of the engine.. :)

You take good care of that cough my friend, those things are bad for you when they persist..

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Judith, thanks for the visit again, I grew up by the ocean and the sea ozone is good for you..

Sadly, my health & winter weather don't do so well together, too hard to get around in the cold.. Have a good weekend. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Eric - goodness me! I keep hearing comments here by Brits and Germans about the wintry weather in Sweden, but it seems to be nothing compared to your situation. I suppose you just have to be patient, spring will come eventually. Sadly we can talk as much as we like about the weather, but do nothing about it! ;-)

Janice Thomson said...

The weather certainly is unpredictable. 2 years ago we had a summer like Southern California with NO RAIN for 3 months straight - not a drop and we live in a rain forest! Then last year spring, summer and fall were just one big rainy mushy season - the sunny days were few and far between. I'm not even going to hazard a guess what this summer will be like LOL. However it sure has been nice the past week...
Hopefully spring will arrive soon for you.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen, yes the winter is pretty bad this year.

I can remember though, spending a few winters in Germany in the fifties that were pretty rough also.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Yes Janice, predicting the weather is like trying to win a lottery these days.

All in all though out there in B.C. you get very good weather year round, most times. :)

Spring will arrive soon I feel, for there are many other indicators to see thank goodness. :)

drips of paint said...

Hi Eric
Cold weather is so not for me ... poor you got stuck with such bad weather. Lucky you have interenet to chat with friends.

I am down with a sore throat now, thought I escape this winter without any incident but too bad I got caught ...

anyway you take care:))

Shades said...

Dear Eric,
Staying on the other side of the globe where the weather is almost uniformly warm and humid throughout the year, i can feel the sharply marked seasons only through your words.. it all sounds like glimpses from a fairy tale to me.. thanks a lot for sharing, friend..!
Wanted to write more, but i am so busy with exams these days...

Rositta said...

I don't even have time to blog, I'm just too busy shovelling. I think tonights storm will bring about 25 cm to T-Dot...ciao

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Oh, Eric....I bet when it does go we'll be complaining of the opposite extreme. I'm a bit fed up of being chilled to the bones here without it snowing. Sometimes feel it kills a few of the viruses about!

Anyway, every best wish for a speedy change in the weather over your side of the pond.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim nice seeing you again, hope you are well. The winter doesn't discriminate when being a pain.. :)
Have a good weekend my friend. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Shades, I know what you mean about the other side of the world having experienced some of that. So it will seem strange I think. :)

Good luck with your exams. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Rosita, I see you are experiencing some of the same stuff as we are.

None of that is fun when you have a shovel instead of skates & ski's. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Julie, you're right about the complaints of course, us humans are never satisfied, no matter what! LOL

zirelda said...

Winter has a way of bringing out everything we can ignore in the summer.

Hang in there. April is not far.

Eric Valentine said...

Yes we can ignore ~ especially over a hotdog & a cold beer! :)

Now there's something to look forward to. :)

newnorth said...

Man I am getting over a little bit of a sore throat and started coughing just reading that. It's been cooler here for longer then normal too. Course normal is unbearably hot. (I want to have a good excuse to get the pool cleaned though so we can start using it)
Umm I talk about me alot. I will be thinking warm thoughts and wishing them your way!

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Newnorth, your warm thoughts are always welcome anyway.

Hope your throat gets better soon just in time for the first heatwave! .. :)