Thursday, December 13, 2007


A couple of weeks ago if you recall, I ran into a computer problem. Fortunately I was still able to write text, but the additional problem persisted and in doing so messed up my ability to blog the way I normally would.

I thought I had narrowed it down to the Norton’s Security program, but then I got additional problems happening that can only be related to Vista. I don’t know if anyone else experiences ‘Windows Explorer’ (in Vista) stop working, shutting down any open windows & then resumes working again? Anyway lately I seem to get that quite frequently. It’s pretty ludicrous when because of the problem, I now have to save my work more frequently ~ Just in case! ~

In my search for a solution I went through all kinds of checking, searching etc, going back through error files and stuff I didn’t know existed.

Along the way I twiddled and twaddled giving a few things a swift kick for good measure. Imagine my surprise last night when I went in and ran another of my many tests, things worked like they used to.

~ So bear with me if I go a little crazy and put some pictures in here that work!! ~

Elizabeth is the Pied Piper

Something to look forward to in the spring. Dancing to the music.

Our prize Cardinal, he's got his eye on you!



Janice Thomson said...

What a beauty the Cardinal is - we don't have them in this area and they are so colorful.
You just HAD to mention spring and winter isn't even officially here yet! LOL
I certainly hope your computer is now fixed - what a pain never knowing whether you'll be able to post pics - or not.
I haven't seen the Pied Piper for years - what a wonderful show that was.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Janice, hope you are well. Cardinals are beautiful, but so too are the Bald Eagles that are out in B.C.

A little sprinkle of heaven where ever you go my friend. :)

Yes the Pied Piper, such a wonderful story. :)

Leon said...

Great to see the pictures! And I'm glad you have that old Vista demon under control for the moment. Please let it last!;-)

Steph said...

Lovely photos! The cardinal is gorgeous. Thank you for your comments :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon, that 'demon' is a pesky thing & gets you when you least expect it, it's so frustrating at times. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Steph, glad you like them & you are welcome, thanks for the visit. :)

newnorth said...

awww, photos! :) Love the birds. The flute brings back memories. My best friend played the flute and I the clarinet. SO ofcourse when I was at her house we always switched. Flutes take so much wind!

Anyway, glad things are working again.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Newnorth for visiting, glad you enjoy the pics once more. That sure was a pain of a problem for awhile.

I guess the wind instruments do take a lotta puff LOL I always liked the piano myself. :)

Congrats on the end of your school year & the successful conclusion. :)

zirelda said...

I love the cardinal picture! And I'm glad things are working like they used to. I haven't even cracked open Vista. I'm scared. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Mz Z always glad when people like..

With the Vista, don't be afraid of it.. But do expect things different and the periodic gliche, I think that is normal most times. It can get frustrating though. :)

Casdok said...

Yes lovely pictures!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Casdok and for your visit here. :)

Augs Casa said...

Keep plugging away mate. Vista and I had a huge fight about 6 months ago, and I won. Vista left for the time being. The photos are excellent as usually. Now that I am somewhat healthy I can come to your site a little more and not leave germs. ha ha ha

Be well mate,

Eric Valentine said...

Good to see you Augs, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now.

Nice you like the pics as always, do stay healthy now and get ready for Christmas my friend. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Eric - if your Windows Explorer problems persist, why not try downloading Mozilla Firefox? I have used that for quite some time now and I am very pleased with it. It has got some really good features. And that Cardinal! What gorgeous deep red colour that is! Beautiful. Ask Elizabeth to play you a Christmas tune from me! o<:-)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen, thanks for the tip on the Mozilla firefox, I might just try that out, for the problem has also started up now on my other computer XP, guess I can't blame that on Vista there. LOL

Glad you enjoyed the Cardinal. I think both Elizabeth & I will play some Christmas tunes, for I play the piano & keyboard which are a fun thing. :)

Hope your Xmas preparations are well under way my friend. :)

shades of twilight said...

Beautiful pictures... especially those dancing birds..! BTW, whats the name of the red bird? Finch? we dont have those in our place...

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Shades welcome back.

Glad you like the pics, the Red bird is a Red Cardinal, one of the many different birds over this part of the world.

Have a good Xmas. :)

Shameless said...

Eric, I also find that random stabs in the dark are ususally the ones that work best! :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Seamus for your visit, ~ the old gut feeling sure helps at times. :)