Saturday, February 3, 2007

‘ Water, Water.’

A number of years ago before the wife and I first got together she had lived in the countryside area on a lake. Well there is nothing unusual about that you might say, but oh to be a Gypsy Rosa Lea at that point. What a light it might have shed! Of the things yet to come.
I now think she brought the lake with her.

I am an Aquarius the water bearer; that now ~ seems such a fitting and ironic twist, a suitable finale to the saga of my life. For now, since the wife and I have been together all the pieces have finally fallen into place, she’s related to a mermaid!
When I first brought her here for good, the air was electric and excitement reigned supreme. Then as all women will, she gradually started to add the ‘ Woman’s touch’ to the place, which was ok and expected.

Up to the point of me being no longer single; I had always kept a pretty good place, done the way guys do and kept it clean n tidy. I always liked to cook and housekeep, so it felt a little strange when the wife took over most of those things. Of course she wanted to impress me for she is a very good cook; in fact she wouldn’t let me do very much of anything at first, wanting to give me a break.

My first clue should have registered when I went into the kitchen one time, and I got wet feet! Being so happy, I never really noticed, accidents can happen to the best right? Hmmm

Whenever I am waiting for the kettle to boil, being short of breath a lot as I am, I usually bend over and lean on the counter with my forearms. Clue # 2.
I stood up and reaching for the dish clothe noticed water on most of the counter-top, I thought Wow! Myself I was always a neat freak and that would not have happened, oh well. There were other phobia’s too, like for instance I have never had so much toilet paper in the house at one time before, almost enough to open our own store!

So now after a number of years I have become used to this strange phenomena and am always aware! Of course sometimes I get a wet ass as even there she gets water all over the place, blow drying her hair over the toilet. How can I get upset over such a thing, all the same, she always washes her hands in cold water too! But that’s another story.

Earlier tonight the wife had decided to go shave her legs and then have a bath. (one of her favorite pastimes I might add.) Suddenly there rang out one of her patented oops! Something that is just short of a shriek or squeal. Then dead silence as the sounds, in the bathroom came to a halt.

I was sat at the computer doing some writing when all this happened; so I didn’t really hear what had taken place. Next moment the wife clad in nothing but a shirt and panties appeared at my side, one leg half shaved and the other still coated in a now fast hardening shaving cream.
Apparently being the very considerate gal she is; she had shut off the water in the tub, all because the lady in the upstairs apartment had decided to take a shower. The wife and the lady upstairs are pretty good friends, so are quite considerate of each other at times like that.

You see in this building, if you are in the shower and someone else turns their hot water on, then the water is effected in nearby apartments, so in a case like this ours turns ice cold! She sat there looking at me with those eyes that demand attention, waiting for me to speak. She does that on occasion and at the times when I am engrossed but, she is at a loose end like now!

She grinned at me and said something about the condition she was in because of the shaving cream. Condition? I called it a predicament seeing as the cream is hardening! So then came my loving words; don‘t worry honey, you are someone’s dream somewhere! That’s when she clobbered me! You just can’t win some days.

We do this fun bantering sometimes and it can get a little silly. You just have to laugh, for it’s difficult sometimes to keep a straight face and be serious without breaking right up. All in good fun.
She, sitting in front of her computer, had responded in the only way she could without uttering too much. Changing the screen saver to text, it read:

Every day a coconut!


Now I’m all washed up! C’ya

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