Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year End

As another year draws to a close I am thankful for all the support and good wishes from many friends and blogger's during my struggles. This was not an easy time, for there has been much to think about.

I am happy to report that I made it to this point, despite all the so called evidence from the medical fraternity to the contrary ~ Which just goes to show that nobody really knows what their left or right hand is doing sometimes.

I have no desire to appear brash, Dear God no! But we just have to keep hoping and working hard to retain the level of health I do so enjoy at this time. I kid myself not that everything is perfect, but I will take what I have and look forward to an improving new year.

So to each and everyone out there who stumbles upon this humble abode I wish you and your families, good health, happiness and a very Happy New Year!!

Breathe easy my friends.



Margie said...

Eric, I hope so much the New Year will be a good one for you full of love, peace and joy (much joy) and good health!

Take care, my friend!

forsythia said...

Eric, what a lovely post. I like the new banner, if that's the word for it--the picture of the big blue planet, "our island home." Best wishes for a wonderful year in 2012.

Eric Valentine said...

Margie, thank you for your kind thoughts, may I wish the same for you and yours also..

stay well my friend and a happy new Year.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Forsythia, nice of you to visit and such glowing thoughts also..

Glad you like the new banner thank you very much... I love your term "our island home."

Wishing you a Happy New Year my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too sir and I hope you stay on top health

Stephanie said...

Eric, I read your lovely post. I wish you and Elizabeth a happy, healthy new year. Good to see you posting again.

Eric Valentine said...

Greetings Tushar! so nice to see a new face..

Many good wishes to you, also a happy new year and be in good health my friend.. Thank you for your visit. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Happy New Year Stephanie and Dave thank you for your nice words, glad you enjoyed.
I am trying to get in here more often now that some of the health dust has settled a bit..

May you have a great year and be of good health yourself my friend.. :)