Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas ~ Economically

It gets harder each year to keep Christmas
Ask the homeless or a family in need
Then there are those who would remove it forever
Political has-beens who don’t have a creed

There were times when Christmas was nicer
A time when people shared what they had
And they gave for the goodness of giving
For children whether good or they bad

You know the Spirit of Christmas is priceless
Doesn’t cost very much can’t you see
The joys it all brings when carolers sing
And you greet everyone ~ all for free!

So don’t be so sad or downhearted
Especially at this time of the year
With a smile remember its Christmas
And look forward to a better New Year!

Eric Valentine Dec 06/11 ©

Merry Christmas everyone! :)



forsythia said...

The same to you, Eric. Merry Christmas to Elizabeth, too.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Forsythia. stay well my friend .. :)

Margie said...

Merry Christmas Eric.
I liked your poem!

Margie :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Margie, it's always nice to see you here, glad you liked..
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Keep well my friend:)

cyclopseven said...

Every occasion is a moment for giving and sharing, but the pomposity and glamor of celebration often clouds the real meaning behind the celebration. Beautiful and meaningful poem. Merry Christmas Eric. God bless.

cyclopseven said...

The header is enchanting:)

Eric Valentine said...

thank you for your kind words Cyclops, and yes the occasion is too commercialized these days like you say..

A very Merry Xmas to you and yours also my friend.. :)

Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas to you Eric and Elizabeth!

annh said...

Hi, just dropped by from another blog as you do and had a browse around. Love your poems. Stay warm and well and have a wonderful Christmas. Getting a bit chilly here in Derbyshire UK.
Will call again

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stephanie, hope your Xmas went well for you.. Have a happy New Year.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello annh nice of you to drop by.

Thank you for your nice words and greeting, hope your Christmas went well for you and your family..