Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bah Humbug!

We were out driving yesterday taking care of those ‘that time of the year things,’ ~ yes Christmas is knocking on the door once again.
Coming back through town we saw “Bob.” You remember, Bob of the chicken dance and Alzheimers? I must say I wonder often at the state of his world, as he goes from day to day.

This last few months have really been something else haven’t they?
What with all the election hoopla stateside, turning out such a pleasing result with Barack Obama President elect, now the world can sit back, hold its breath and wait and see, I’m thinking.

More recently here in Canada, there was the disgusting state of affairs with our government and our prime minister/I wannabe a president. My opinion anyway. Then the final let-down with the governor general allowing that idiot to get off the hook by a prorogue of parliament, thus suspending government, leaving nobody to run the country for two months. Just so he can avoid a no confidence vote. A pretty dumb move with all that is going on in the world economic scene and recession banging on the door.

Last but not least, winter has arrived here early yet again. That should bolster a few spirits I must say, people having to use the heating this early once more, when every dollar must count. What with all the thousands of lost jobs, lost homes for a number of people and Christmas standing in line, I doubt that a lot of people will be thinking very merry this year.

I took a look at Bob doing his brief happy dance down the street as we drove by. He actually seemed to have weathered this last year quite well if appearances are anything to go by. He still needed a haircut, but that boyish smile is glued on his face when you see him. He still walks along quite bent over, with almost every step looking like it could be his last, he actually looks better when he is dancing! But he survives the passage of time quite well.

In thinking on the worlds troubles, I have a new thought these days.

Bob the great equalizer, complete with his Alzheimers, for nothing bothers him in the least. It's strange that Bob is shielded from the realities of the present world and economic troubles, by his very disease.

The Alzheimers, wrapped around him like a protective cloak.

Merry Christmas Bob!



forsythia said...

Alzheimer's as "a protective cloak." I'll try to remember that and be grateful, if I am able. :-) Actually, not all folks with Alzheimer's are as lucky as Bob. Some can get pretty fearful and agitated from time to time.

Thank you for the concise update on Canadian politics. I hope to start paying more attention to what's going on with our Neighbor to the North, especially since you have a national health care system that seems to work and we don't.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Forsythia, yes Alzheimer's can be a handful.

I doubt I ever saw Bob in an agitated state, though he can get confused trying to remember names & the rest of the world.

You are welcome to the political update, I guess things are popping now already.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

I suppose, if you're lucky enough in life to have a roof above your head, food on the table and you are not in too much pain, you could create your own mental protective cloak. Find joy in some little things in life, a nice word here or there, a smile, a friendly gesture, a friendly comment on your blog. Stay positive!

Eric Valentine said...

It is indeed a fortunate thing to have good mental health Swen I agree.

Sadly, the nature of the beast will always be, some more fortunate than others, thus the need for I am my brothers keeper. :)

sjonesdesigns said...

Interesting comment about Alzheimer's as a protective cloak.

Eric Valentine said...

Nice to see you here Stephanie..

Yes that is a thought isn't it.. :)

newnorth said...

After hearing about so many people's economic difficulties I realized how lucky I am.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, yes I agree it is a time to count ones blessings nowadays.. :)