Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Dawn

I don’t know if your interests include the space program with NASA, and the various discoveries in the universe that are announced from time to time.

I think space exploration is an exciting adventure, an opportunity to turn fiction into fact.

With the advent of todays technology, it is now possible to look at all the wonders of the universe thus far. Using the computer, it’s like looking through a window at the photos of different planets and space. The recent Mars explorations have shown us some wonderful views.

One site in particular really got my attention, so much so, I just had to write a poem on it, I hope you enjoy.

~photo of Mars by NASA~

Another World

Rocks of silver and hues of gold
Perhaps a billion or more years old,
These stones I’m certain could surely tell
Of a planets death and a ride through hell.

Civilization there just had to be,
Perhaps beings, kin to you and me.
Sadly the stories we may never know.
Such firestorms. Finality. So long ago.

Seems planet Earth is so hell-bent,
To travel the path that Mars was sent.
Mankind, lifes lessons have never learned.
Are we too late ~ the warnings spurned?

Even now we can change, though it may be too late,
Screaming as we plummet, toward hells gate
Earth’s downward spiral, to its final hour.
Perhaps there is a savior ~ a greater power? ~

Don’t bank on it.

Eric Valentine Dec 18/08 ©



forsythia said...

Eric, Your poem brings to life, vibrantly, uneasy thoughts that have occurred to all of us. "Don't bank on it" has even more resonance now, when all our fortresses of finance are crumbling before our eyes. Well, here's to the rebirth in 2009 of "this fragile Earth, our island home." It may be too late, but there's always hope.

Leon said...

That's quite an impressive closing to 2008 ERIC. I'm always moved by your poetic words. And the banner is pretty special too. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Forsythia, I am pleased that my poem speaks to you in that manner. It is sad the world is in such a state right now. I feel man created the situation and man has to correct it, for it won't do it on its own.

Yes we do always have hope my friend, the thing that dreams are made of.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon, I always view with interest, the words you have to say my friend.

That was a bit of a heavy ending to year 2008, but I felt it deserved nothing less. The picture though really cried out to be written about, and thus dictated the course it took.. :)

Happy New Year to you & yours Leon. :)

Janice Thomson said...

Very thought-provoking as your poems usually are Eric. Much enjoyed. Loved the twist at the end - a very sobering thought. Hope peace and joy are yours in 2009.

Eric Valentine said...

My thanks to you Janice, your words are always such an encouragement to me. I'm so glad you liked it, I'm certainly pleased the way it turned out. :)

Peace, happiness and good health to you my friend for this new year.

zirelda said...

Powerful words Eric.

there has to be a savior.. at least in our hearts.

if for nothing else than to allow nature to take back her own.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Zirelda, I agree we all have to have hope & faith.

I've always said that God gave us the tools but he isn't going to do the work for us.

So my reference to the higher power in the poem is directed to those who would watch the world go bust while they sit on their duff waiting to be saved. I feel it isn't going to happen that way.

I do believe that nature will, one day renew herself.. :)

Margie said...

Happy New Year, Eric!
I really enjoyed your poem!
Missed being here....I'll catch up later.

All my best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Your friend,


Eric Valentine said...

Margie my friend! It's so good to see you here again. Missed having you here, ~ so glad you enjoyed the poem.

I wish you all the best for the new year and want to see you here more often when your time permits. :))