Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Inspiration comes from the depths of the mind
Which is triggered by the feelings and
Emotions of the body.
That in turn, transcends into an outpouring of words,
Which struggle to actively express,
The torments of the soul.
This is known as Poetry.

E. Valentine 1994 ©


Janice Thomson said...

How very true Eric though one sometimes wishes that one could read that same depth of emotion in verses that have nothing to do with torment.
Funny how suffering and not happiness brings out some of our best poetry...

Eric Valentine said...

I have to agree with you Janice. I think that the depth of emotion is what helps release ones most innermost pain. Too often like you say, expressed in the form of poetry.

Thankfully there are many forms of poetry, so not all are stressful. :)

forsythia said...

Enjoyed your poem. Enjoyed the one inspired by Reba McIntyre, too, but didn't get around to telling you. Now our dog is in the backyard reciting a raucous poem to the neighboring beagles. I'd better let him in before the three of them wake everyone up with their "poetry-reading".

zirelda said...

What an awesome set of words to explain what a poem is.

You are a wordsmith for sure Eric.


Eric Valentine said...

Glad you enjoyed them both Forsythia. Thats very funny about the dog reciting poetry to the neighbors beagle. LOL :)

Eric Valentine said...

So glad you enjoyed Zirelda, you certainly flatter me with your words my friend... :)

Sam!! said...


Thanks for sharing this gem Eric..

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Sam, you are quite welcome my friend.

Keep well. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Spot on, well said, Eric!

Ben said...

before the mind begins
its day long
self chat.
but never lonely
the intimate stranger

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Swen so much. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Beautiful words Ben, and so true. Thank you for the visit. :)

cyclopseven said...

Right to the bottom,buddy.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi cyclopseven, thank you my friend.. :)