Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Misted thoughts

As One

My love,
You are my heartbeat.
But if in time,
You should fail to beat,
So too would I
Then cease to breathe.

Eric Valentine Oct 5/08 ©

Unfortunately the world is full of
‘Gladiators’ who carry the scar's,
They picked up in the arena of life.
They are not always hidden,
By the fine clothes they wear.

Eric Valentine Nov 1994 ©


drips of paint said...

You feel a lot with your words Eric :))

be well...

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for your kind words Tim. :)

Keep well yourself my friend.

forsythia said...

I was touched by both your lovely poems. The first one, especially, seemed like a valentine from Mr. Valentine for someone.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for those kind words Forsythia, my words for the first poem are indeed for my Wife..

Everyone speaks of that special person in their life, I am no different. :)

zirelda said...

Ah, I like both but the second hits home today.

Eric Valentine said...

I agree Zirelda, for such are the realities of today I'm afraid. Keep well.. :)

Judith Shapiro said...

thanks for sharing your poetry. lovely.

Eric Valentine said...

Anytime Judith, glad you enjoyed. Thanks for visiting again. :)