Friday, June 13, 2008

Zap Bang Wallop

Crack! Boom!

“That’s it!” Elizabeth exclaimed and heads for the closet. “What are you doing?” I ask. “Putting on my sandals. I hate thunderstorms.” I look at her feet, “And the sandals will protect you?” “Yes, the rubber soles could save my life. You should put yours on.” Well no, a doubtful expression on my face.

I realize Elizabeth has had more than her fair share of close climate encounters and once lived in a place that was hit several times by lightning. I feel we are pretty safe here though.
She’s eyeing the maple tree outside. I know the bathroom and kitchen are off limits for now. Sigh.

“You know that’s a myth, about the rubber soles?”

“Yes, my sandals will not prevent me from being hit by lightning. But, years ago a neighbor of mine was struck. The lightning came through the kitchen sink faucet from the lake and he had his hand on the counter. It shot up his arm, down his whole body to his running shoe. Huge scar.
The hospital said the rubber sole shoe saved him. Probably sleeps in them now. So, myth or not, these sandals give me comfort and I’m not taking any chances. You shouldn’t either. Damn! I hate thunderstorms.”

(At least she is in an awareness state of mind because of her belief I thought.)


Elizabeth was beginning to remind me of my Mom. When I was young we used to have a small add on to the kitchen in the old house. Often we would put our bikes in there, especially if it was storming. When the thunder and lightning came, my mother would run out and put towels over the handle bars. I’m convinced she thought she was hiding the metal from nature and the storm.

I watch my wife as she changes the placemats on the dining room table. “Are those the non-conductive mats, Honey?” Big smiles right across my face!

Uh oh, Makes a beeline for the door!



Leon said...

I remember those kind of lightning storms from when I lived in the midwest. I don't miss them though they certainly can heighten your awareness and belief in god. Is that your photo ERIC? Amazing!

zirelda said...


I love thunderstorms. Course I've never had that close of an encounter. When we get them, I like to throw open the windows and watch and listen. I love the intensity and the sound.

Eric Valentine said...

Those storms are fairly frequent Leon and scary at times. No the picture I found with google, but I used to have some pictures years ago..

Eric Valentine said...

I used to like walking in the rain Zirelda, but thunder storms are another thing altogether.

The storms up here get so loud there's no need to open a window! LOL

Stacey said...

Hi Eric,
I am with Elizabeth on this one, (in my case I would not only be putting rubber sole shoes on, I would also be staying IN the closet until thunderstorm is over)LOL...
Hope that your having a good weekend. ;-D

Eric Valentine said...

hahaha, Stacey, I'm surprised you didn't duck under the kitchen table.. LOL

Weather is great right now, just a little humid, so having a good weekend.. You have a good one. :)