Monday, June 9, 2008

It just goes to show

A number of years ago I was living in a second floor apartment, then I finally got the opportunity to move to the ground floor. Have you ever experienced the difficulty of doing a move when your health is impaired? So I needed help.

Anyway I asked around if anyone could recommend a mover and I got these guys. I was never so impressed in my life at the job they did for me on that occasion. They were so thorough and affordable I would recommend them to anyone. On the upstairs move they even placed everything in exactly the same position downstairs, that the object had previously occupied, including a bag of garbage that I had set to one side, now that is thorough.

Going to a different area, the move this time definitely required the movers and a truck. Isn’t it amazing just how much stuff one acquires in a short time.

Below is an email the wife sent to her friend for it says it all, boy were they having a chuckle!

Just got the computers set up and we're back online....:)....Wow....what a week.....

Eric's physiotherapist was able to help me last Wednesday morning for 3 hours and between the 2 of us, we filled her van twice and our truck and took the computers and fragile stuff over to the new apt. Initially we were a bit concerned about the movers because they said there was no top on their truck (they had tarps) but fortunately it was a sunny day.
Eric had used them before for moving from an upstairs apt. to downstairs. They arrived at noon.

I smiled when I saw their truck, said to Eric, who was still indoors at the time, 'You're going to love this'. LOL

Talk about a redneck truck!

The guys worked extremely hard for the next 3 hours...they had blankets and tie-downs and were more careful and efficient than any movers I've ever seen....absolutely wonderful. Cost.....$200. We had gotten prices previously of $400 from other movers.

Been pacing ourselves with the unpacking....perhaps 1/2 unpacked....Eric is getting his exercise walking from the east wing to the west wing.. This place is so huge!....LOL:) “

Just goes to show, it’s that the job got done. ~ Never mind the how!



Stacey said...

Hi Eric,
Most of the removal firms come with HUGE vans and a HUGE bill to match, but will they get your possessions to your new abode??...yes they will....but will your breakable possession be in one piece...NO...(LOL)...
Its nice to hear of guys like this who treat other peoples possessions, as if it was their own...
Hmmmmm....I wonder if they would come over to England if and when I need to move (LOL)
Now that the move has been done, relax and enjoy your new home, take care :-D

Leon said...

Wow! Movers working hard, being careful, and charging an outrageously reasonable price! What is this world coming to? ;~D Glad to hear it went well Eric. And glad to see you posting again.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stacey, yes I think they all come with huge vans and also huge rates.. :)

It is nice, to once in a while come across guys like these.. but I doubt they would export their services. haha..:)

Eric Valentine said...

Yes Leon, they were a pleasant surprise, but hard working & honest.... that is a rarity on the best of days.

It is good to be back and doing a little scribble here & there my friend. :)

zirelda said...

How cool. I've never been able to afford movers except when we moved here we had a friend who was a mover and for $100 he brought our furniture over. And yes, you get a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. When I moved into the rental I had 13 boxes and some furniture. When we moved here.... wow. I couldn't believe how much stuff we'd accumulated in 3 short years.

Sam!! said...

Impressive work of the movers.. :))

I can understand how difficult it is to move things from one place to another..

Loads of prayers n best wishes for a dear friend :))

God bless you!

Eric Valentine said...

Wow Z ! couldn't afford movers, ! that took me back to younger days. The first time I rented I had two suitcases! :)

KInder like the good old army days.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Sam, yes they are a good bunch of guys for sure.

Thank you for your welcome visit, good wishes and prayers for you also my friend.. :)