Sunday, March 4, 2012


Have you ever taken a look back at the road you’ve traveled through life, right from when you could first remember pertinent events? Then squinting at the state of the road you are on today, wondering how the hell you got there! Depending on how old you are that could encompass a lot of territory and events. I much preferred the world before, when it was more the size of a football, unlike now, that it has been reduced to the size of a gnat.

I can remember the days of World War II and just having radio as a medium because TV had not yet been discovered; there were movie theatres and live shows but you didn’t have a car, no! You either hoofed it or rode a bus to wherever you had to go. Of course we did have bicycles in those days so it wasn’t all bad. It was only later that TV came along and gradually other small subtle changes taking place that almost went unnoticed at times; such as diminishing numbers of live shows, movie theatres changing over to the ever popular bingo ‘Golden Scoop!’ and an increasing appetite for junk-food!

One would tend to think that with technology and progress over time, this would lead to better education, better jobs and a world where no one would want. Oh what a disappointment! All of these technological advancements were supposed to make many things so much better for all concerned; so tell me, what went wrong?

In my opinion the world has become a much smaller place, perhaps too much so. We have communications now that are almost unbelievable with the advent of the internet, gadgets and all that it has brought into people’s lives. What happened to an end to world hunger and the differences between the haves and have not?

Instead what we have is near the opposite; lots of ‘toys’ to be sure, but greedy businesses and politicians who promise every cookie in the bag to get your votes, dictators and terrorists. Major changes to the environment leading to so many natural disasters in the world, too many people dying of starvation still, and yet the almighty dollar rules supreme in someone’s pocket, it’s not fussy whose wearing the pants it seems! Please tell us there will be a new tomorrow at some point!



Stephanie said...

Enjoyed reading your post, Eric. How are you doing these days?

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Steph, things are not going too bad right now, we are looking forward to the better weather next week so we can do a few things for the spring.

take care my friend :)