Thursday, January 12, 2012

The good, sometimes bad, and the snugly

Don’t you just love these two and three day winters? These are the kind where the temperatures drop one day, you get snow next day , and by day three it’s all melting, for the temperature went right back up through the roof! Meanwhile the birds keep packing and unpacking their wings for a trip they haven’t made yet! Even spring flowers don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. At this rate the groundhog is going to be unemployed this year and soon!

At least it’s nice to know that some disappointments can bring a measure of relief to others. I don’t know about you but I am not keen on winter these days; sure it was a lot of fun when we were younger but now the years have caught up to us it gets harder to manage.

These are the days when my favorite TV program is the weather channel, even before the sports, and that’s on a good day when for a change they get it right! They talk about El Nino and La Nino, but to me it comes down to Me cringe-o when you see all the snow you have to clear off the car/truck!
This week has been a typical example and tonight, guess what, yep! Snow again. Things could be worse I reckon, but at least we are still alive and progressing, which makes us luckier than some other countries I might add. So here is to spring and all that it may bring, meanwhile I’m going to make a cup of tea! ~ Where’s my blankie!



forsythia said...

It's been so warm down here in Maryland that I'm afraid the birds are going to start building nests. Not good, because we could still get blasted with an Alberta Clipper.

Margie said...

Eric, it's been unusually warm here in Colorado lately and we have no snow at this time!
And when we did get snow a few weeks ago, it was so warm the next few days it melted very quickly!

I don't mind the winter and in fact still enjoy it but guess I would not have moved to Colorado if I didn't like winter!
As we have had some extreme winter in past years!
But, it's been a very strange one so far!
The ski ares are hurting from lack of snow!

Thanks for sharing what is going on in your part of the world!

And enjoy that tea!

Be well my friend and take good care!

Margie :)

cyclopseven said...

I have no idea of how snowy winter is, as we don't experience that in this part of the world. As the weather is getting crazier, I hope a snowy day will visit us. Nice to visit you here. Take care Eric. God bless.

Eric Valentine said...

we haven't been quite so blessed with the small birds here Forsythia but we do get a small mix of a few.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

The temps here have been crazy; four days ago we were like plus 9c but the last 3 days we have been arctic cold.. minus 10 for high and windchill around minus 23, just today it finally moved to 3c but on Friday it's back down again Grr now it seems too cold to snow.. spring can't come soon enough for me I am afraid haha:)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi cyclops7 I will post a few snow scenes for you to see what we normally get around here.. :)

Take care my friend.. :)