Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Better Half

I want to compliment my wife
Whose kindnesses, have charmed my life
And though her patience I have tried
Yet, much on her, I have relied.

Many is the time when I needed talk
We two would wander, for a walk
And as I opened my heart to her
She'd disagree, perhaps concur.

Argument’s, our bond did strengthen
And now, as shadows start to lengthen
I think I must, bespeak my love
And laud thee as, my treasure trove.

In silence I, my wife have cherished
And failing her, could well have perished
She's been my sustenance, my pride
A golden girl there by my side.

So darling, speak I now at last
In tribute to our precious past
I know we have a future too
For without you, what would I do.

Eric Valentine Feb ©



forsythia said...

What wife wouldn't want to receive a tribute like that? I am sure she cherishes this poem.

Stephanie said...

That was lovely! What a nice tribute to your wife, Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Forsythia and Stephanie for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the poem.. :)

cyclopseven said...

Beautiful tribute to the one who shares this journey. May this poem find its place amidst God's collection. Blessed indeed those who appreciates life.

Barbara/myth maker said...

A beautiful tribute to your wife.

Eric Valentine said...

cyclops, sorry I didn't check back here sooner. Very nice words, thank you my friend :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Barbara.. I just found your comment.. :)