Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cancer & Chaos

Britain’s shopkeepers
Traditional bastions of time.
Disappearing in the smoke of night,
Pillaged by thugs and
Gorged by flames,
Violence, and senseless petrol bombs~
What has this world come to?

Eric Valentine August 8/11 ©



Margie said...

Expressed very well, Eric.
Indeed, what has the world coming to?

Take care, my friend!

Margie x

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Margie for your visit and kind words....... it really does make one shake their head.. :)

Take care Margie

forsythia said...

It worries me that the world seems to be churning out young people faster than it can produce jobs for them. All that energy, and nothing constructive to absorb it.

On a happier note, just wanted to thank Canada for two healthful products. One is canola oil. Just found out recently that it was invented in Canada. Another wonderful product, very welcome at our house, where my husband really has to limit his salt intake, is Honeycup Mustard. This is a low-sodium product that tastes great. Sometimes it's hard to find, but it's worth hunting for. Thank you, Canada.

cyclopseven said...

Good write. Everywhere people have been asking the same question. Nice to visit you again Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

I can share your thoughts about the younger set Forsythia, something has to change.......

Thanks for the nod on the Honeycup Mustard, I too have to watch my salt intake, I use almost zero, its not good for the legs. :))

Eric Valentine said...

cyclopseven, thank you so much both for your words and the visit, it has been a while since you were here my friend. always nice to see you here. :)