Monday, May 26, 2008

Quietly Sad

Today I am a little sad, and I think it’s time to slow the train down a little.

This month has been a whale of a time with so many things going on. The pace has been enough to take ones breath away, that’s quite a mouthful coming from someone with COPD.

For us personally, we had our move to our new place to live, a move that wasn’t lacking in it’s pressures. It has however also brought already so many pleasures.

Last week though, Elizabeth had to go in and do some nuclear stress tests for the heart, which was not easy. We are still hard at it getting sorted out, meantime real life carries on.

Today the weather decided to add to the burden, we reached temperatures of 28c with the humidex taking us up to a balmy 34c, a very uncomfortable setting when trying to get some sleep.

Tonight I paid a visit to “The Shameless writing circle“, of which I am a member. I was dumbfounded to read that Seamus is closing his blog down and moving on to other things in life. This is such a terrible loss and is already felt by many who have enjoyed all that has transpired within the circle. I for one always found it such an excellent blog to visit and always came away having learned something new.
I know a number of you go to the writing circle, so will be able to read for yourselves.

I am going to miss Seamus and his presentations and sincerely hope he will at least leave everything in place for others to go along and enjoy. I will keep my Lion and think of Seamus each time I log in here.



zirelda said...

Oh Eric! That is sad. I visited his blog once, but never thought about joining because a) I don't know that my writing is all that wonderful and b) I am a little afraid to commit myself.

Here's a thought though. Start your own writing circle?

Stacey said...

Hi Eric, oh I am so sorry you're feeling sad...
You have had so much going on in the last month or so, it's really not surprising you're stressed, try to rest and relax a little.
And I hope all goes ok with Elizabeth and her tests ;-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Z, but I doubt I could even think to start a writing circle. Keeping this one going is a chore sometimes haha :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stacey thanks, it is just a sad happening that is all. Seamus site was a good blog to read and always something happening. I shall miss it, but life goes on.

We have to wait to get the results of the tests, but all looks well. :)

samrina said...

My prayers are always there for you n Elizabeth.. i know it gonna be meaningless to say dont be depressed or tensed as its natural but whenever you are in dark n feel helpless n alone do believe that there is above all most powerful i.e. 'God' who is always with you n gonna always show you way out in your problems..

Loads of love n prayers from depth of my heart for you n Elizabeth.

Take care

drips of paint said...

I feel the sadness:))

take care buddy

Leon said...

Eric - I hope Elizabeth "passed the test." If it was the cardiolite treadmill (which I now have every year), it is a good way to catch trouble spots before they become too serious. I offer my prayers to be well for both Elizabeth and you, my friend.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Samrina, always comforting words of wisdom. Things have been a bit hazy around here but it is getting better with each passing day.

Take care my friend. :)

Eric Valentine said...

So nice seeing you here Tim, hope life is well for you. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Leon my friend, nice seeing you. Yes that is the test that Elizabeth had done, that's the second time now, so like you, it is working out to be an annual thing for her.

She won't get the results yet, for her doctor has taken some vacation time just now. She is well though so that is a good thing. :)